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Why am I enjoying this dumb shit so much?
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Katowice starts today, are you watching?
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What do you heterosexuals think of Endless Legend?
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Heroic victories

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Post your heroic victories and how you achieved them
This one was playing as Briton in RTW
I pestered the enemy phalanxes and falxmen with my missile chariots and crushed the cavalry with my generals when they charged out. By the time they advanced to be in range of my slingers most of them were suffering morale loss from being pelted with arrows and watching their cavalry get crushed. Probably my most disgusting win yet
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Sengoku Rance thread

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Fuck you, it's a strategy game
Who's your waifu /vst/ ?
Pick related
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ITT vague nostalgia

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Alright /vst/ hear me out

Pic related is infamous for being hard, mostly because of flipping through rulebooks and consulting Graphs and shit.

Someone makes a vidya of it, and you have the 10 player logistical strategy game to beat all strategy games, and it's instantly easier since you just have ai do the dice rolling and calculations.
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I think we should have a thread about Hoi4 TWR.
its a very underrated game and especially some of the mods.

Fire Emblem thread

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Post romhacks
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Essential Classic Strat games.

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i will start, i like;
Panzer General
Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion
Darkest Hour
MOO1 or 2. I like ROTP
TW Med 2
TW Shogun 2
TW Rome
Dawn of War
Warzone 2100 or Supreme Commander

Like my list? What don't you like? Would love to hear critiques and suggestions for more.

Also Eu3 over Eu4? or is it a rose tinted glasses case, or are they both shit? Thank you.
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