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Montebourg was hard, but i'm not getting filtered.
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This is on sale. Is it good?
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Ive played many strategy games and conquered the world over and over and over again, yet i never played crusader kings 2, nor any paradox strategy games, i have no idea what I'm doing and what to do and the tutorial doesn't help, can you help?
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Rome Total War: Remaster

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Is it coming?
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Which game has the most satisfying cav / inf charges?

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Hey /vst/, I've played some total war games and I'm wondering, which other games give you 'that heavy cavalry charge feel' where you can just ram your horses (or even your heavy infantry) into enemy army and just watch them fly / rout? I'm surprised that I can't think of any game other than total war that did this. Help!
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Lobotomy Corp / Library of Ruina

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What are the best purple page passives to grind for friday?
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Online Nation simulator/strategy game

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Hey /vst/ id like to introduce you to a pretty fun strategy/sim game called politics and war, its an online game where you go to war, manage your nation, join or create an alliance, buy or sell resources/ manufactured products, build up your military, and build national projects. Its pretty fun so i thought i would share it.