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Do you think its worth creating an Open Source Hearts of Iron IV clone?
What would you change?
What would you keep?
What would be the hardest aspect of development?

If I were to lead development,
>Do away with 3D, so it is highly performative and easy to develop.
>Stronger emphathis on Economics.
>Allow for queuing up decisions.
>Allow for Factory Build Orders.
>Copy a comprehensive mod from HOI4, to handle things like unique tech trees and the like.
>Building of Railways to handle logistics and economic development.
>gulag system for handling prisoners of war, jews, etc.
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Is this game worth playing in 2020?
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Library of Ruina/Lobotomy Corporation thread

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Friday update. Old Lady and Scaredy Cat for geb and chesed
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Civ 6 Thread

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>No civ 6 thread

News on update coming Tuesday

no cuckfanatics allowed
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5D chess

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Is the 5D time traveling chess game a meme or actually good? It looks like it could have some deep strategy but could also be cheesy.

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I still play Medieval 2 Total War
it's always a fun game to come back to
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I'm tempted to grab this but don't really want to make an Origin account and loathe the idea of giving EA money. Only C&C game I've played is the PS1 port of Red Alert 1
Should I bite the bullet and grab it when it goes on sale or say fuck it and try to forget the series exists?
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beginner to strategy games here
Eu3 or eu4 to start?
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Wargames thread...

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...and wargame campaignposting.
I'll start with this semi-wargame Wars across the World.
So today we're playing as HERNAN CORTEZ, the great civilizator of the past, and we're going to put a stop to these disgusting blood-bent cultures.
It is 1 May 1519 and we just landed in Vera Cruz, where Cortez immediately burns all his ships because he found them to be too cheaty against primitive tribes.
First step is Cempoala (as it was historically), and it quickly submits.
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Why is the health system in the combat mechanics of Attila (as well as the other newer total war games) bad?
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