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Civilization VII

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what would you want to see in the next civ game?
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>nerfed aztecs
>celt infantry bonus kicks in only in feudal
>nerfed indian cavalry
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> wipes out your C: drive
nothing personnel, bro.
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Stellaris Thread

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It's out
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d4. Your move.
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Old World thread

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Started playing this again.
Have you guys tried it?
Has the mem leaks been fixed?
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Six Ages / King of Dragon Pass / Glorantha thread

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Finally at the point before Beren's proposal, and with no restores too. Does anyone know how long the Busenari ritual's marriage blessing lasts? The wiki says the Nyalda one stays for seven years.
Also Cenala is best plant.
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I've heard mixed things about this game (it's shit/it's great), but never a clear answer why.

Is it worth picking up? Any of the DLC? If not, what makes it shit?
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This is the best RTS game ever made. This is true innovation. Shove your derivative gook clickfests up your asses.
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Star Trek Armada 2

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Was this game underrated at it's time? So many other good RTS existed back then.