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>Let's mash-up 4000 years together as one era.
Who thought it was a good idea?
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>no hoi4 thread
how fares yer grosgermaniums?


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Amazing Cultivation Simulator thread, anybody want to discuss it?

I just started playing recently, barely done the tutorials and fumbling my way through a default setting classic game, tips very welcome.
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>Almost six months since release
>Three months since last proper patch
>No new content added aside the character creation, just bugfix patches
>First Dev Diary of 2020, hinted to have some stuff regarding upcoming new content, was delayed for over a month
>It finally arrived today, and it's this....stuff
>"News on the smaller content in the next weeks"

This game is already dead, isnt? What happened?
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Does Free Cities: Pregmod count as strategy game?
It has you managing multiple slaves, military units, societal policies and even bodies of your slaves so you can turn them into combat cyborg catgirls to fight in arena against other slaves
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The Nations - Hey hey Edition

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Hey, hey people....
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tno thread

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what went so fucking right?
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