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Are there any games that make creating maritime empires and naval combat fun?
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Historically accurate strategy games?

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Do any such examples exist?
Where you go through the campaign (or something of the sort, maybe even an arcade kind of level progression with each new level being very distinct from the previous), where you fight as, say, the winning side of a certain historical battle and you use the exact same number of soldiers as was really used in that battle. So too does the enemy. You obtain victory in the same way as was done in history and thus you both play a game and potentially learn something about certain military powers.
This is my motivation, to kill two birds with one stone - have fun and learn simultaneously. Preferably, this game is set in Ancient History, but really anything goes.
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Library of Ruina/LobCorp thread

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when's the next update coming out?

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Civilization 6 thread

Discuss the new Barbarian game mode, and any shenanigans related to it. Plus, try to guess which civ will be revealed next month. Portugal never ever

OP's starting question: Now that we got a barbarian game mode, what will the next mode will be and do you expect an unprecedented fourth expansion?
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Which Age of Wonders game is the best?
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Will Total War Warhammer 3 be Cringe or Based?
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Tips for the Slavic real time Fire Emblem?
How should I spend experience points?
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>Be playing any military strategy game
>Blunder, and my poor soldiers get exposed or surrounded
>they are massacred
>feel sad
Anyone else?
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Oi! 'ow many you stinkin' grotz not bin choppin', shootin' and lootin'?!
Da boss'z gonna krump you reel gud.
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Age of Wonders: Planetfall

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The Virgin Kir'ko and the Chad Oathbound edition.
Keep Preserving the Future fellow swarmheralds

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