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Would this be a good irony mod?

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As everyone on the planet at this point knows, TNO's mod development has gone to shit, banning everyone who points out the many inaccuracies the mod has and focusing more on concepts rather than actually working on the mod.
So, there should be parody of it, with the following details
>Axis powers lost ww2
>Germany is fragmented, a date is set for the extermination of the German people
>Japan is le ebic "force for good" having not being nuked, acts like America in tno
>Soviets have economic collapse and the country has a civil war
>Beria is in charge of Mazovia, a totalitarian posadist country stretching across Poland and Lithuania that kills people that cannot work
>reunification events for Germany
>America has a civil war between the army and the navy for some reason
>Oh and the nazi unifiers in Germany are alive for some reason
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For me its Civ 5, the best Civ game.
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StarCraft Thread

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old thread >>257849
special shoutout to >>268512
>dat smile
talk starcraft
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Six Ages / King of Dragon Pass / Glorantha thread

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Finally at the point before Beren's proposal, and with no restores too. Does anyone know how long the Busenari ritual's marriage blessing lasts? The wiki says the Nyalda one stays for seven years.
Also Cenala is best plant.
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Now THIS is soul
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>Construction Plates are parallel build queues that offer an alternate method of increasing production. Hover a factory blueprint within 420 elmos of a factory of the same type to place a construction plate.
>Cost 150
>Health 1000 (1500 for Ship)
>Build Power 10
What the fuck?
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im excited
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What's the potential for this one? Is it worth it to get it right now?
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