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Anno 1800

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It's kino.
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The previous thread >>105715 is dead.
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Who the fuck is this?
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AI War 2

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>switches engine and redesigns entire game halfway through
>goes into massive debt in doing so
>wife leaves him
>creates the highest IQ game of all time
How are your matches going? When will sseth do a video on it and save poor Chris?
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So basically, Similar enemy army strength means vastly superior. Inferior means superior,
and anything above similar means free game over?
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About to fire up Battlefleet Gothic for the first time, what am I in for?
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>pick Northern Dunedain
>within 40 turns my faction is overrun and destroyed
>lose a Medieval 2 campaign for the first time since 2007

Is this normal? Also you should play this shit it is autism at it's finest.
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OpenRCT2 thread?
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Why can't we stop winning fellow deathchads?
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Star Ruler 2

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What's /vst/'s opinion on Star Ruler 2? Is it worth playing?
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