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All I want is Hearts of Iron with good naval invasion AI.
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Vanilla HoI4 thread?

Are frontlines a meme?

>draw spearhead order for my tanks along a short front
>Instead of bumrushing to their destination they take the time to fight anything that happens to be near them
>frontline gets stretched for some godforsaken reason instead of trying to retain its original proportion, stretching my offensive thin
>Use field marshal frontline because I read somewhere that it's better than using individual general's frontlines in order to avoid the lines stretching
>They constantly relocate to the point that some are even using strategic redeployment

Is the whole system just fucked? Should I just skip frontlines and micro everything?
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Can someone explain the appeal of this game to me? Are there any RP elements? It's on sale for 10 bucks at the moment, considering buying it.
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Chess thread

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Make a move
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Mission/focus trees in gsg

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I hereby claim that mission trees (as well as “focus trees”, where the only focus is fooling the player) are a shit design decision, essentially a lazy approach to stimulating player doing things. I feel like introduction of mission trees to EU4 was devs admitting they will never be able to make proper gsg and its easier this way
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Rule the Waves 2

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Anyone else here play this? Its one of the few games Ive paid full price for.
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the X spacesim series thread

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Does X count as a /vst/ game? Whatever, lets talk about it
Whats your favorite game in the series?
Do feel like x4 redeems the series from rebirth?
Do you preffer the personal, story driven spirit of x2? Or do you prefer the "average joe" sandbox feel of tc/ap?

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What should I do?
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How is this? What are some other worthwhile Tiberian Sun mods?
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Victoria II HPM\mods thread

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Anons, what are your opinion on HPM?
I have played it as Russia and honestly didn't see any difference, except it probably took me a tab bit longer to make Prussia *smaller*
So what do you think?
What are other good Vicky 2 mods that are not about alternative history?
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