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Why the fuck do people like this shit mod? The only fun it offers is putting an /x/ poster in charge of russia
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how about a nexus: the jupiter incident thread?

i don't think we've talked about this game enough on this board. in addition to pretty unique and intuitive gameplay, i think it's the only other rts game besides homeworld caraclysm that could potentially be called a horror rts. won't say more because of spoilers, but even though cataclysm is spookier, i think a case could be made that nexus is horror-ish too.

what was your favorite
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ITT: Kino campaign missions
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RTT/Commandos/Desperados thread

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Very annoying. Playing D1 and Doc got glitched in a shooting pose, he's even invincible against enemy fire. Probably have to restart the level if I don't find a way to fix it.
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Age of Empires 2

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Last thread reached bump limit
Where to start if you are new?
Content: Experto POV, guides
Watch his guide for beguinners, extremely useful: [Open]
His playlist of general guides an build orders:
>Spirit Of The Law
Content: Mathematical Analysis
Language: English
Content: Expert PoV
Language: English
Content: Casting
Language: English
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AoE 3 closed beta.

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Who got their invite? Downloading now. Those who are in how ya liking it?
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Will we ever get a sequel? What the hell are they working on anyways?

>Ironclad says RTS is dead, doesn't make them enough money
>makes a MOBA instead trying to chase trends
>it completely flops and servers are shut down a year later
>just seem to be patching sins and not working on anything else
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Galactic Civilizations 3

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The game and a fair amount of DLC is currently on sale for $13.59 - how is it? Pros, cons? I never played the previous games.

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why aren't you playing Shadow Empire? too much of a brainlet for the logistics?
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How is it that no RTS has managed to beat Brood War?
>all 3 races are almost perfectly balanced despite how distinct they are
>extremely deep strategic level
>impossible-to-reach mechanical and strategic skill ceiling
>never devolves into spamming a single unit to win
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