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How is this? What are some other worthwhile Tiberian Sun mods?
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Victoria II HPM\mods thread

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Anons, what are your opinion on HPM?
I have played it as Russia and honestly didn't see any difference, except it probably took me a tab bit longer to make Prussia *smaller*
So what do you think?
What are other good Vicky 2 mods that are not about alternative history?
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Looks-Seems like Elfthing's back-back on the menu boys!
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Project Hospital

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Any /vst/ played Project Hospital? Been playing it these past few days and its pretty alright, the artstyle is kind of shitty but I always liked the idea of building and managing my own hospital.
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Pagans are beginners traps (except africans)
Christianity is incredibly OP if you don't buy into memeshit like heresies and satanic cults
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Amazing Cultivation Simulator

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Anyone tried this yet? Apparently a full english release is coming soon so I would like to hear some opinions.
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Why doesn't this game go on sale anymore? The most I've seen it reduced is by around 10 percent. Been meaning to play it after enjoying Med 2.
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Are you guys going to get the Steam release of Dwarf Fortress?

BTW, Dwarf Fortress is the best strategy game of all time and you're not going to convince me otherwise
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Stellaris Thread

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It's out
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>Feel limited moving forward with NuCOM's 2 Action System
>Too stupid and lazy and not enough free time to understand OpenX-COM

Would I like Xenonauts? I really like Party Management Squad Based stuff.
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