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Obscure Strategy games/games you forgotten the name of

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Ok /vst/, wanted to talk about RTS, 4x, etc. strategy games you feel noone really talks about that much. Also to discuss games you only remember details of but cant remember the actual name, so other anons try and see if they know what the game is.

Gonna start, Paraworld is a really nice fantasy-ish AoE style game with dinosaurs and had a really innovative gameplay feature, where units took a spot in a leveling up scheme, and you had to choose what units are level 1,2,3,4, and 5, with hero units actually unlocking skills the higher level they are, but with level 5 having a single spot available.

As for games you dont remember, i have a really hard one ive been trying to find for about 10 years. My dad used to buy pc magazine here in Mexico, and it included a bunch of demos of different games, one in particular caught my eye because of how unique it was. The things i remember is it was kinda caveman style setting, you had male and female workers, you gather wood and stone, isometric perspective, workers died of old age and actually had to fuck to make new workers, there were a bunch of different teardrop shaped symbols representing different liquids like water, oil and poison, male workers could turn into heroes with blue skin, female workers could turn into shamans that danced inside a building to generate a magic lighting bolt resource, the demo had you confined in a island, you had to make a raft and then in a mainland there was a red colored faction and neutral dinosaurs with a t rex roaming around. Not much else i can remember but i've never been able to find this game and its honestly driving me crazy to not know wtf is this game is.
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Mount & Blade mod thread

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What is your favorite mod for this game and why? Right now ive been having loads of fun with deeds of arms & chivalry, a 100 years war mod that takes place in france. It has some very nice attention to detail and is very historically accurate. I might check out a crusader mod soon.
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Why did the Total War Warhammer absolutely mog the history games so hard?

More sales, higher ratings, more active players, longer lifespan than any individual history game and the last game in the trilogy isn't even out yet, unless there's a colossal fuck-up TWW will be around for another couple years at least

Will CA even go back to history after this?
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Recommended TBT games

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Recommend me some fantasy Turn Based Tactics Games.

Jobs and hex/grid systems preferred.

Already been through an array of Final Fantasies, Advance Wards, Tactics Ogre, Fire Embalms, Wild Arms, Fell Seal, Shadow Runs.
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Evil Genius 2 March 31st

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With the new update for the most based HoI IV droppin in 3 days, whatcha excited for? I'm probably gonna do a Kavkaz run myself
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What would it take to return RTS genre to its glory days and make it popular and great again?
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there has never been a more rewarding and frustrating ww2 pvp experience

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why are there no threads for one of the greatest ww2 rts games?
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Eador: Genesis

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What level of autism do you need to enjoy this game?
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