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What made the old total wars so much better than the ones today?
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Why did everyone hate this? It wasn't bad.
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sengoku thread

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how fares your shogunates?
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Sword of the stars

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Lets all remember just how good this game was and even now still is even if the sequel was dogshit
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HELLO /vst/
i am an elite skirmisher, the most worthless unit in AOE2. why i am i worthless? because the absolute dogshit AI in this game makes me attack the closest unit, instead of the archers i am supposed to be fighting. also, the dogshit AI means that enemy archers wont be attacking me since i am in the back and not in the front.

therefore the bonus damage against archers is worthless.
therefore the bonus armor against archers is worthless.

I, the elite skirmisher, am a fundamentally flawed unit.
of course all units in AOE2 are fundamentally flawed to the point of worthlessness. so that is par for the course in this broken retarded game.
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man. This shit making tear up

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I want to get into starcraft 2. Is it too late? Why is it not mega popular but league of legends is?

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Is it pointless to get into starcraft 2 in 2021? It doesn't seem like a starcraft 3 will ever come out. I want RTS to become as popular as other genres but it doesn't seem like it is going to happen.
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/vst/ - 4Chan Cup

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Right, a follow on from >>376429

So after speaking to the Caretaker we've decided we're going to run the full roster poll between 22/02 - 24/02.

After that we'll run a poll on Anthems, Kits, Logos and everything else we need.

We want to start the tactics and aesthetics part as soon as possible as they are the most time consuming and we want to put out a great team for this board.

All the players that have been suggested thus far are here; . If you want to suggest more before 22 then post it here and I'll add it to the final poll.

If you want to send kit or logo designs then send them to [email protected]
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How come it never took off the way StarCraft did? Was it missing something?
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