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In Civ V, any ideology (be it freedom, autocracy, order) can adopt universal healthcare as one of their first policies.

So does this mean moder US is still a pre-industrial civilization?


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Fellow grand strategy and other strategy players alike! Some say it takes a special breed of person to enjoy strategy games so I am curious if there is any correlation between choice of occupations/education for our type of gamer.
I am hoping to find some similarities in interests among fans of a genre.

To keep it simple, why not just post your favorite game and your job/schooling.
To keep from fan bashing, your job/schooling and what you would like/are hoping to do.

I'll start
>Shogun 2 and Ck2 are the two I have logged the most hours in.
>job: Warehouse forklift driver
>school: Currently in an Electro-mechanical technician program.
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Gloria-Etalia: The CK3 mod

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This has probably been missed, but on /tg/ there is some people making a CK3 mod. As /tg/ tends to do they made a setting and then one Anon said he'll make a CK3 mod for it.

I've been observing them doing it for a while and thought it might be worth sharing here considering the mod-maker consistently delivered even if he is basically in the middle of just making the map.

I do have my doubts though that one guy could make a whole total conversion mod.

If you're interested in the setting or the CK3 mod just check the thread on /tg/.

> Pic Related:
First screenshot of the map he shared, he added some more terrain by now.
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Civ IV: Colonization

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How goes your colonization of the New World, governor?
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Play Mark of Chaos.
It's basically a proto-Total Warhammer.
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What's /vst/'s opinion of it?
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The previous thread >>105715 is dead.
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What is the most galaxy brained ploy you pulled off in a game, /vst/? Bonus points if it was multiplayer.
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So how do you guys feel about Sword of the Stars?
Any tips for beginners?
What's your favourite race?
Favourite mods?
Have you made any mods yourself?