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Myth The Fallen Lords / Soulblighter

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Anyone else still plays this?
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Panzer Corps 1 vs Panzer General 1


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You cannot refute this.
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Alright, Gents.

I'd like to pick your brains. I've had two strategy game design documents written for a few years now.

One is something like a god similar but plays more like AOE2 and Dungeon Keeper, would be easy for players to get into and play nightly.

The other..

Is something more akin to the unholy union between CK3, HOI4, ANNO 2070 and a bunch of other games. Sci-fi but with vassals and what not.

That takes complexity to it's natural course.

I'd just like to know what people would like to see?

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>Playing AoE2
>Lose villager to boar and scout to town center
Be honest, what would be your reaction?
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Age of Empires (Original)

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What is your opinion on the game that started the whole series?
I know it's mostly overshadowed by the sequel, given the huge content increase and QoL fixes that the first game needed, like better pathing and units not getting stuck on building or other units.

Do you think it still has its own charm and features that sets it apart from the sequel or would you reccommend other people to just skip to Age of Empires 2?
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How fares your Empire /vst/. Done any achievements? Excited for MEIOU 3.0? Prayed 5 times a day to Johan?
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This is the best RTS game ever made. This is true innovation. Shove your derivative gook clickfests up your asses.
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