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Remnants of the Precursors

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Is this a full blown remake of MoO1? How is it? Never played the original game to begin with, but I do love MoO2.

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>great and fun mod made by a based autist
>proceeds to move all development to a confusing free to play RTS

tf was his problem
at least the Med 2 mod is still being maintained and updated by someone
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Paradox's female empowerment is off the scale

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It wasn't enough that they added the option to play genders inverted, made male-preference the default succession, and refused to add jure uxoris, they also had to create completely fictional female rulers for start dates.
Let's just explore the pic related to see how bad it gets. The character is the daughter of David Artsruni, son of Senekerim-Hovhannes Artsruni, who was the last king of Vaspurakan. The latter sold his kingdom to the Byzantines, for the exchange of governorship of Cappadocia, Davit Artsruni died childless in 1036, and was succeeded by his brothers Abusahl and Atom who lived until 1080. But all that didn't prevent Paradox from giving Davit a fictional daughter who somehow succeeded him (despite Byzantines not tolerating female governors and Vaspurakan had no tradition of female rulers), the result is that Abusahl and Atom in 1066 are unlanded characters while their fictional niece is landed, so they literally displaced historical rulers in favor of a fictional female.
This might seem autistic, but it's just a single example, the whole database is full of bullshit entries like this.
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>...the Elves are gambling, the Gnomes are building, can't find my spell book... what a beautiful day to die. Good morning, Tax Collector!

>'been awake for 20 whole seconds and I haven't melted yet! It's time to go fight the nearest monster with my low hp and my lack of spells.


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Are there any RTSes that are designed around very hard singleplayer gameplay? The Crusader Trail's one of my favorite things in the genre and I guess what I'm looking for is games that are, instead of traditional "campaigns" with a slight difficulty curve that's there so you can be challenged while going through a story, something that's more designed to make you push the game to its limits.
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AKA: The one new rts game this year I desperately hoped would not be as empty as it is.

Ive finished the campaign and it's pretty good for an rts game.overpriced? 100%
Would have liked it to be longer but at least it's difficult and not super short.

Whats the most interesting to me though is all of the game files are just xml files. meaning you can read into them and see that there is a lot of shit that's in the unit_files that didn't make it to the game.
Legged transport mechs resembling trucks, but spiders(which were in one cutscene, but never anywhere else)
2 civilian class mechs, a " lumberjack" +" fieldworker"
bunch of seemingly unused " tesla" aka steampunk future mech/troops.

It surely looks like the game got rushed like hell.But it remains to be seen if support will be quietly dropped a few months down the track or if it's problems/feature incompleteness will be fixed.If anyone is genuinely on the fence on it I'd say if you liked dow2 you will like iron harvest. as it's closer to that than coh.

who else has played it and cares to weigh in.
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What is the most galaxy brained ploy you pulled off in a game, /vst/? Bonus points if it was multiplayer.
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Ive played many strategy games and conquered the world over and over and over again, yet i never played crusader kings 2, nor any paradox strategy games, i have no idea what I'm doing and what to do and the tutorial doesn't help, can you help?
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>unlock tradition
>beeline education, rush NC
>make the only real choice the entire game as you decide what you need in between finishing tradition and rationalism because you only have enough time for a 1-2 policy dip into any of the other trees
>unlock & finish rationalism
>try to win science victory but it takes too long and you realize you can swing a diplo victory this game, win diplo while you are researching particle physics
>do this exact same path every single game if you want to win on any difficulty that isn't mind numbingly boring

yeah, I'm thinking this game sucks
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Fuck maps with 0 visibility and a million corners for enemies to hide in
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