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Is this what prolonged exposure to HOI4 does to a man?

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The hairline, sheer quantity of onions he radiates and the fact he both had yet couldn't keep an asian girlfriend says a lot.

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What's your favorite God Game?

W&R thread #2 - GAGARIN

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Since the previous thread did well, let's go with the new one!

New patch will have:
-Curved pipelines and bridges
-Fences/wall deployed in a easy way
-Crop fields adjusting to the local infrastructure
-Height map

Post your Perestroika, Glasnost, DDR visions.

Extra points for: XBOX HUEG rail junction ideas.
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Is it worth sinking 26 hours?
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Age of Empires II - Definitive Edition

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What civ do you pick?
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Gears Tactics

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This was a fun enough game, though shame the actual campaign is garbage in comparison to the mechanics.
What would you like in a sequel?

Battle Brothers thread

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>he avoids fighting beasts
>he fears schrats
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>one polack makes a better Stronghold game than an entire team
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Urtuk - The Desolution

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New TBS game just comes out.

Anyone tried it yet? How does it compare to Battle Bros?
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Good news everyone, the Old World Blues mod for HOI4 is finally playable again
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