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Kaiserreich 0.15 is out, sporting the brand new Ottoman rework
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ITT classics from the Newgrounds / Miniclip era
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MechCommander/Battletech Thread

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Thoughts on this series? Is 2 worth playing?
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Comfy city builders

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What are some good comfy city builders? Preferably medieval or with swords
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Has /vst/ played this?
Is there a /vst/ party/group?


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>What's your favorite ship, modded or otherwise?
(Pic Related).

>What do you hope future versions of the game will add?
Better, more complex colonization mechanics and role-playing features, particularly featuring NPCs and your own officers.

>What kind of mods do you want to see made?
Something that adds more systems controlled by vanilla factions so that you can have a more populated Sector without so many Faction mods.
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supreme commander

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Is supreme commander worth playing.
If so which is better 2 or 1??

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Just got back into AoE2
Whats the most based civ to play these days?
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Warlords Battlecry

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>Poisons your generals
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DE 0:00 / 1:19 Age of Wonders: Planetfall STAR KINGS - Announcement Trailer ESRB

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