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victoria 2 thread

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anyone playing victoria 2? how is your campaign going anons?
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So how do i save Antigonus and his kingdom in Imperator 2.0? It seems that every time he got gangbanged by all the other Diadochis
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Slitherine sale

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So I just noticed this. Anything worth checking here? I've been eyeing that W40K 4X game for some time now, anyone here tried that?
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Why is Civ 5 so hated?

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I can't really say I played the civ games for a lot of time or have ever been a big fan, but I have at least a hundred hours in 5 and I just can't get myself to like it. Yet I can't quite put the finger on what it is I dislike. Surely, I'm not alone in my dislike for this game, but why is it bad?
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Sid Meier's Colonization Appreciation Thread

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I must be one of the only people that prefers Colonization to Civilization but does anyone else have any fond memories of it?

Started a game on Christmas Eve and I'm just about ready to declare independence.
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Field of Glory: Empires

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So slitherine is having a big sale on steam and ive been looking at getting Empires and Field of Glory 2 so i can play the battles instead of auto resolving.
Any anons play this?
It seems like a fun time. The decadence mechanic seems really interesting.

Field of Glory thread i suppose.
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Stellaris vs Endless Space 2

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Which one I should get? It seems Stellaris is more of a roleplay game and Endless Space 2 is more of a boardgame, which one is more fun?
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RTS games peaked with homeworld. It's been downhill from there.
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