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Why can't Paradox make a decent Antiquity game? All we get is some mediocre soulless trash like EU:Rome and Imperator Rome but the setting deserves so much more
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Revival / Spiritual Successor when?

To this day this is the only Real Time w/ Pause game that I actually enjoyed. Sucks the modding community for this game has dwindled down to a dozen boomers with two or three who actually know how to use EZScript to make custom campaigns.
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Pagans are beginners traps (except africans)
Christianity is incredibly OP if you don't buy into memeshit like heresies and satanic cults
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d4. Your move.
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Command: Modern Operations

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Worth a buy? Looks interesting but also very complex. Been watching a lot of videos recently on it so I'm tempted.
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What's the Teutonic Knight of each respected strategy game?
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Anno 1800

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Play Spellforce Versus /vst/ it's fucking free

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>what is Spellforce Versus?
It's the Warcraft IV we never got. You recruit a hero (warrior or spellcaster), build your base, and capture and upgrade zone outposts to build more economy or unit production buildings
>how much does it cost
It's free, you download the game from Steam and receive access to either Humans, Elves or Orcs chosen randomly. You can play 1v1 ladder, skirmish with AI, or custom team games like 2v2/3v3/FFA (also possible with AI)
>are there any other races
Yes, there are also Trolls, Dwarves and Dark Elves. If you pay $15 you get unlimited access to all the races
>how different are the races
Very much, each race has a unique playstyle, unique resource, unique units, unique economy and unique strengths and weaknesses
>what's the economy about
Each zone on the map has a specific amount and type of resources. When you capture a zone and build an outpost, you get some workers for that zone (depends on played race how many). These workers can be put in specific buildings to fulfill their jobs (e.g. iron mine, stonecutter, etc). All races differ in how many worker slots are available for specific buildings. Unit production buildings also require workers as drill sergeants.
>what role do heroes play
Your hero captures outposts, receives experience points from killed enemies, and collects gold from killed enemies to buy equipment at the shop. Gold is a separate resource used only to purchase equipment for your hero. Experience points allow your hero to level up and put points in two skill trees, making them stronger and giving them access to offensive/defensive abilities/spells.
>are you a shill OP
No, I want more people to play this game so I don't have to wait for a match. It's literally the first time in a decade where I can play for 8+ hours straight with a stupid grin on my face, the game is that good. If you browse /vst/ you have a moral obligation to at least give the game a try for free.

This thread exists to give a helping hand to new players.
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Has /vst/ played this?
Is there a /vst/ party/group?

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god where the fuck do i get this please