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Kohan thread
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Dungeon Keeper belongs on /vst/ right? Anyone got any good memories of the original games? Anyone want to bitch about the mobile abortion they shat out when EA whored out the IP? Anyone play War for the Overworld? I backed that one on Kickstarter and have been pretty pleased with it. The mere fact they went and got the original VA for the announcer/advisor was good enough for my money. The game itself isn't bad, though I feel like they felt compelled to add more things that complicated the essential gameplay unnecessarily.
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Civ 4 thread

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Which strategy games are good entry points for confused brainlets like me?
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>Crusader Kings 3
>you're a duke, a king, an emperor
>you wield absolute power in your domain
>your courtiers marry and convert on your whims
>thousands of men go to war and die by your mere word
>high lords of the most noble and ancient heritage obey you

>can't ban coloured and weary travellers from your realm
What was meant by this?
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Planetary Annihilation:Titans

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AoE 1

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>Comfy atmosphere
>Bulky sounds
>Hunt wild animals and fish
>Build houses with your own 2 hands
>Bronze Age PWNs
>Insert Tim The Tool Man grunting
I've been playing the campaign and it's comfy. I haven't gone online yet but I saw a Vietnamese player click a million times a second on Twitch so I'm guessing the community will be too good for me. Regardless it feels more manly than AoE 2. And I'm still on the tutorial campaign and there's custom campaigns as well. You also get to learn about History.
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SMAC Thread

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The drones need you anon.
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city building games

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how can a genre be so comfy
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