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total war campaignposting thread!
post your campaigns, talk about how you've fared so far, your army composition and all that other shit.
any total war game is welcome

>112 turns in, early game Stainless Steel Byzantine start
>a line of 3 fortresses in Anatolia prevents the Khwarezmian blob from advancing any further (I'm just holding there until the Mongols arrive in 5 turns and absolutely demolish them from the rear with the 40 stacks they spawn with in SS). There was a brief war but we've now made a tentative peace
>holding steady in north Africa with a half stack - don't want to declare war on any Muslim nation because I don't want to have to defend Constantinople from a Jihad
>just took Bern with my pic related Emperor, the Genoese are down to their last 3 settlements
>one elite stack in eastern europe is facing off against the 4-ish full armies the Hungarians have in the area. I took out all their fortresses though so they can only make shitty spear militia which evens the odds a lot.

Taking Rome and kicking out the Papal states was a highlight, eventually I might move my capital to Rome once I take the rest of Western Europe (and if my eastern front gets bumrushed by Mongols).