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How do you guys feel about this game?

I picked it up again to try and give it a fair shake but I'm just not feeling it. A scripted section of one of the campaign missions spawned a load of enemies on top of me and during the cutscene camera pan where I had no control they just nuked my troops and destroyed my carrier. I keep feeling lots of other little gripes with unit pathfinding/responsiveness, no ability I was aware of to specify unit facing for positioning, can't even change keybinds without going into the files which doesn't change the displayed hotkeys in game, etc. Not enough to ruin the game for me but enough for me to keep noticing as I played. I don't know anything about the development process it went through but it feels like it was a little rushed and put out early, especially with that gearbox logo stamped on it.

Maybe I'm just a shitter being pissy I got fucked but it didn't feel like I got fucked out of my own merit, just by the fact I didn't already know how the mission played out so I couldn't plan around not being able to give orders for 20 odd seconds.