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Graviteam Tactics: PTSD Simulator

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Last thread hit bump limit so thought I'd keep the conversation going.

>Why is something as simple as a squad walking so cinematic

Because anon the game has soul, it's a true passion project made by a small team not out of a desire to make as much money as possible in the shortest possible time frame, but out of genuine enthusiasm for the subject matter.

Take the lovingly recreated battlefields, especially the most evocative of them which are for me those set in the Ukraine and the Western USSR. These are the landscapes where the devs grew up, they walked through those forests and played in those fields, they have seen the way the late winter sun pours its pale light through gaps in the clouds onto the frosty hand ploughed fields, they have trudged knee deep through the ice encrusted snowdrifts and no doubt watched the fields of corn ripple in the warm easterly summer breeze like oceans of gold as the sun sets behind them just as they heard tales of the death and devastation, of the horrors and the heroism that unfolded in those actual places from people who witnessed it just a few decades ago.

That's why something as unimpressive as a squad of infantry trudging across an otherwise barren scene looks so cinematic, because it's a truthful representation of nature crafted by people who are from the very landscape that's being depicted and who understand and respect the enormity of the dreadful events that unfolded in these otherwise peaceful places.

That's why for me they don't quite manage to hit the same notes when it comes to the African campaigns, as much as I love Tunisia and the Angolan operations you just don't get the same sense of kino that the eastern front operations deliver so effortlessly.