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Gonna build my own grand strategy game, give me ideas

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I realized I will never get what I want from paradorks, so I will build my own small game with blackjack and hookers.

I will try to make it character-focused like CK-series but place more focus on the many men instead of great men. I will also move away from mana and numerical ranges, and replace total wars with localized warfare. I will also heavily focus on the difficulty of managing an empire and sustaining it, instead of just le ebin blobbing.

I will not shy away from controversial subjects and trying to authentically depicts the period, instead of politically correct history, which is my game will feature female genitalia mutilation and pedantry and include child marriages.

Army model I'm going with isn't levy nor standing model, but something between, as when you need to an army you can began recruiting soldiers in your capital. It will take a month to recruit 1 thousand men and the army size isn't limited by manpower but keeps growing until it reaches the limit you have set or you run out of money (in which the entire army will disburse). It will not take attrition in your own land, but lose 1K every month while in a foreign land which should make total occupations very costly.