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and nothing of value was lost
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I'm the Youtube employee who shadowbanned Kiaras channel ama
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hololive global

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hololive global
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vtubers are a government psyop and she is in charge of the whole thing
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/voms/ Pikamee, Tomoshika and the Monoe Archive

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Holotale saga Pt.5

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Pt.1 >>1020741
Pt.2 >>1053124
Pt.3 >>1070060
Pt.4 >>1075861

Bonus) Fubuki - Second run 1 attempts
Bonus) Fubuki - Third run - 4 attempts
Bonus) Flare - Second run - 23 attempts

1) Marine - 22 attempts
2) Flare - First stream 5 attemps / 15 off screen / Second stream 9 attempts = 29 attempts (Cheater Ban)
2) Suisei - 102 attempts
3) Fubuki - 114 attempts
4) Subaru - 171 attempts
5) Kanata - 342 attemps

?) Rushia - 23 Attempts For now
?) Matsuri - 14 attempts For now
?) Mel
?) Robocco
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How does a board about VTubers of all things manage to attract as much schizophrenics as /pol/ and /x/?
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Actually good translators thread

No.1110507 ViewReplyOriginalReport shabby is pretty good recently, really liked his 20m translation of marine talking about pharmacy's.
This channel is hit or miss. Itll post a nice 10m translation or the shitty under 5m one when he actually uploads it's good 20m + translations but those are few and far between usually translates a whole scene so you get nice 10m ones frequently
These are some good ones, try and share channels that do longer translations and not clips
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Which vtuber has a personality similar to yours? Would you want to be friends with her? Nothing romantic allowed, just a platonic friendship
If you ever mention anything romantic she'll stomp on your dick
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You ready for the Anya’s first incline this week?

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Because I sure as hell am
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