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I didn't want to believe the schizos at first but between Cover's non-existent support for a good while of the ch*nk menace arc and now limiting Chammers creativity in favor of family friendly stuff my opinion of the company has went down significantly. The talents themselves are good, but I hope nobody is retarded enough to keep defending this piece of shit company. Inb4
>shut up anti
How is defending the talents themselves being an anti you morons?

Hololive Global

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nothing matters.... everything is meaningless... aaaa.... uuuu....
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>Displayed the Taiwan flag on Asacoco, an scripted program where she prepares everything beforehand
>She did it only one day after Hachama got flamed for accidentally showing it on stream
> Is completely 'shocked' and puts the chat on members-only when she got the exact same reaction than Hachama did
>obviously the chinks are mad because everything points out to Coco doing this on purpose to mock them
>Aqua's attendance at the Shanghai LoL event is cancelled, sponsorship and permissions gone(Marine can't play her favorite game Azur Lane anymore)
>An entire Hololuve branch is yeeted
>Just because Cover couldn't graduate her since it would look bad to the EN audience

I hate the CCP as much as all of you here but this dumb bitch hurt other girls in Holo just for the sake of a selfish attempt at 'joke'.No wonder she gets the cold shoulder by many of the girls(you can count the number of holo girls who congratulated her for 1 million subs by one hand)

Bitch HATE
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Gif thread

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post them
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/vt/ slang thread

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Could we have a thread where anons explain some of the slang for people who are new to the scene?

I know what these terms mean from their context, but I'd like to hear a definition
Can anyone think of others?
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I'm Kumagai Chisato.
Please call me Beatani.

My dream is to make 1000 friends.
I'm thinking of studying English and making videos in English.
If there is a kind person, I have something to ask.
Is it easier to see Vtuber's Japanese channel and English channel separately?
Or is it okay to do it together?


Thank you.
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Name a better hololive couple, protip: you might be able to, idk
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