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Independent JP VTuber Thread

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Shitpost Review

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>Have a guest that only speaks Japanese
>Choose memes that take 20 minutes to translate
Seriously how the fuck does Coco chooses her images, i get ok Reddit can have a lot of shit memes and she can't go to crazy with the selection so she doesn't get ban but for fucksake she could put 5 of those shitty Panik memes in the time it takes her to read one of the longer ones specially if she only has 1 hour per stream
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Don't blame Cover for the "no dark humor" rule. They're just implementing what YouTube forced on them.
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Dola thread

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I want a fire drake mommy
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Post and discuss /g/-related vtubers, you fucking nerds
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Why did she succeed where Kiara failed?
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rin - pegtuber

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So who is this anyway? She has a sizeable following on Twitter, but her Twitch and YouTube channels get almost no views.

I don't get what some of the indie vtubers are supposed to be about.
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Bizzaro in /vt/

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Let's get an alternate universe of /vt/ and vTubers in 2021.
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