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I can't decide. Korone is so sweet and funny, Marine's conversations are very relatable and interesting. Can't I just have two oshis?
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>jerked off to her design a dozen times
>haven't seen a single stream
Chocofags, what's her personality like?
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Youtube Shadowban

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I like shitting on Kiara, but it pains me that she's getting shadowbanned by jewtube

What could be the rrat that could explain such a thing, is Youtube really that buggy? Or is this done by a person
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Top Vtuber

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Who is #1?
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Picky Icky

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>Gura JP collab? Too yabai, collab go bye bye.

>Coco Reddit review? That cringe is too strong for you.

>Schizo-chama? More like you-ain't-gonna.

Have you kneeled to the cringe-killer yet, /vt/?

Hag Thread - Best Friend Edition!

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Asahina Meiro

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Channel Is gone.
Poor lady.
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Let's write a letter to Kiara, one word per post

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