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Murasaki Shion

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Let's talk about Shion. What kind of streams do you want Shion to do next? I want her to do a collab with someone, preferably Aqua.
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A thread for the discussion for the rebellious reaper herself, Mori Calliope, as well as members of her extended universe.
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Africats Thread

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Artemis of the Blue ch

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Artemis Thread !

Y'all Can Use This To Discuss Artemis And Her Shenangins. Gura Collab When Since Their Sharkgirls
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pick one for Holo EN 2
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>highest subscriber count in the group
>most super chatted on the entire platform
why aren’t these two treated like gods in the company?
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Do we all agree?
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Say something positive about a Vtuber you don't like.

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I'll start:
>She tries way too hard but at least she's trying

Have a Shion midriff as a peace offering
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>Sank you fo membaship!
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