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Please share your food with her.
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Is it sameface hack or just simply art style?
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Eira Woolcott

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Welsh Sheep from /here/ with an unhealthy obsession for Muv-Luv and Fujo Things.
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Clip watching thread

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/IEVT/- Independant English Vtuber

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Hello /vt/ I am a small Vtuber called Doctor Fankie on the west and you guys seem to be knowledgeable about issues of Vtubers.
I want to improve my content and make it better and really 4chan has always been a place were I passed through mostly /tg/ and the like so in the end my question is, You being Vtuber Enthusiasts who do you follow and why?

I know I am probably making a big mistakes but you know, I am a big mistake already.
Eitherway you can talk of other Vtubers. Also a secondary topic of discussion you think that Debuts are useful? I find it as an excuse, just stream brah.

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Hololive members you could take in a fight tierlist

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I come from the future

March 26 is when MH Rise drops. Cover gets perms for some talents to stream it early, including Gawr Gura. Gura starts playing on the 25th and misses the fact that the locale in Rise is inspired by traditional Japan, and in doing so makes some very insensitive jokes about the characters, who are inspired by Japanese folklore. Enma is frantically messaging Gura during stream, but Gura doesn't see. Enma hits the panic button and ends her stream and deletes the vod. With no vod to look back on, people take things Gura said way out of proportion, and even start making up things she didn't even say. JP fans start unsubbing from HoloEN talents in droves.. The fate of HoloEN hangs in the balance as they are all forced to take a two week break. Haato is highly upset by this since she had planned collabs with Gura, Ame, and Kiara over the next two weeks. Coco attempts to stand up for Gura on stream, trying to explain that it was all a misunderstanding, but in doing so, she only exacerbates the issue. Coco is forced into another break and just decides "fuck it" and retires during the break. HoloEN is axed and HoloEN gen 2 is cancelled. Haato has an absolute meltdown on stream about the whole thing, with her EN friends and Coco now gone, plus her Haachama storyline being cancelled. Haato calls out a ton of cover bullshit live on stream before she cuts stream and deletes all her videos. She's never heard from again. Being the only branch of hololive left that speaks English, people turn their attention to ID, who have to constantly tiptoe the landmine and avoid questions about the whole issue. But of course Ollie fucks up, and she says she supports the HoloEN girls because they did nothing wrong. Ollie is forced into a break too, but in true menhera fashion, she leaves a suicide note on twitter that is taken down in 5 minutes by management. News comes later that Ollie has permanently retired,. She is suspected by fans to be dead. HoloID goes on a break, some retire.

Part 2 coming soon
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what's the deal with her?
she is gonna graduate?
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Formula Holo

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For a while, I've had this idea in my head for a racing series staged in the simulator rFactor, where hololive members drive F1-style cars and try to become the top driver in the franchise. I was inspired by similar virtual racing series in that game, and also of course by those fun HoloFightZ wrestling streams. On a whim, I got rFactor, and I was amazed how easy it was to mod vehicles and tracks into the game, so I've managed to import all current hololive members (and A-chan and Yagoo) and I've also taken some time to create custom liveries for most of them (pic related).

So, what would you guys think of this idea, perhaps make a full championship series out of it? I plan to record video of a test video race in action before thinking of starting a full championship series, and maybe if the series gets popular enough, I can expand the racing series to include Nijisanji, VOMS, indie vTubers, etc.
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Post you hottest oshi moment

Tsuki fella!:
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