Phone thread #178-rip

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seems like homescreens are pretty dead on this board, but ill make a thread anyways. op pic is taken from last thread, one of the few good ones.

Before asking for a wallpaper, reverse image search it. This function is built into 4chan now. Its not hard to do.

>Resources for Android, iPhone and Windows phone. (embed) (embed) - General Resources: fonts, wallpapers, color palettes (embed) (embed) - 'Quick and Dirty' Banner Tutorial

>Android Guides: (embed) (embed) - Basics and terminology to know for android. (embed) (embed) - Read this after the basic/terms guide, and before your "first time post" (embed) (embed) - Starting place for a customized android notification bar. Outdated (embed) (embed) - WebMs made easy

>iPhone Guides: (embed) (embed) - Crude iPhone ricing guide (embed) (embed) - Jailbreak/theming guide - Aiko Nation Theme.

>Windows Guides: (embed) (embed) - thals's /w/ Guide for Ricing&Hacking Windows Phone 7 and 8 (embed) (embed) - Infograph style guide

>Old thread
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Haikyuu Wallpapers

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Haikyuu pape thread my friends
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Juri-Han ?

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Juri-Han Thread !
Also Street Fighter walpapers
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Boku no Hero Academia

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BNHA thread
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Hot Anime Mothers, Mature, Cougar and any character which looks hot and a bit on the mature side

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Fate wallpapers

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Just finished watching F/Z and F/SN and I'm looking for papes

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Tsukini kawatte motherfucker, oshiokiyo.
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Ghibli Wallpapers
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Transparent Background Thread
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I can't find some good quality violet wallpapers this anime is so perfect
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