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Highschool dxd wallpapers
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Any wallpapers with green-haired girls?
I'm on Linux Mint and I want to degen with anime grill wallpaper (stay away from loli)
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Danganropa wallpaper thread
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Cowboy Bebop/Other space anime Wallpapers

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post all you got
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Miku thread? Miku thread!
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Music thread

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ITT: music-themed wallpapers
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cute anthro girls thread. also does anyone have that black and white wallpaper of a girl wearing an animal skull and sitting on the ledge of a cliff?
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Anime Crossover

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Can be crossover between different anime, or between anime and other media, such as movies.
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ITT; We swap wallpapers

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Post your current wallpaper
Swap it with the one below your post
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no lewd thread ?
let's fix that
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