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Mah waifu plox

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Or anything from the anime. Phone or wall, welcome.
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OS-Tan wallpapers
I'm starting to collect these, post Anime girls"or boys" related to OS-Tans, search engines, or software.
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Welcome to the NHK

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Welcome to the NHK wallpapers
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Spice and Wolf
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Last thread hit bump limit: >>2053236

Feel free to request wallpapers for a show, topic, etc... You may want to check the catalog beforehand, but since this is a random thread, it's not a big deal.

That aside, post whatever you want.
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I would love to have more Murasaki wallpapers but depressed bookworm girls with glasses also works too

Black Lagoon Thread

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Post your best Black Lagoon wallpapers, bonus for Manga post
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girls looking embarrassed, vulnerable, defeated, or submissive
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Y'all got them Super Saiyan 4 wallpapers?

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Lemme see some Rin phone wallpapers
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