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just turned 19

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post your 19th wallpaper
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Vaporwave + Anime Girls

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Does there exist any good vaporwave wallpapers that include cute anime girls? I won't hold my breath but still, hit me.
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blue exorcist

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Searching a specific Wallpaper

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2 girls Lying on the ground holding Hands
The first Girl has long white hair red eyes wearing a white dress
the second girl has long (but not as long as the first 1) black hair with red a pony wearing a dark dress

I know single request are cancer but pls help
pic semirelated
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Monogatari thread?
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Doki Doki Literature Wallpapers?

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Finished this game a while ago and im looking for some wallpapers!
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Wallpapers with anime characters faces covering the entire scren.
Preferably phone.
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please can someone help me? i need this picture with bigger resolution and quality and without letters ninja shadow of darknes and #9