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Os thead
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Dumping my Mikasa wallpapers.

Post what you got.
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Yotsuba Thread

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Post what you've got
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Phone Backgrounds

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Yo I need a new phone background. Someone mentioned that this where I can get hooked up.

I've had Sayori for quite awhile and I think I need to freshen things up.

Send me phone backgrounds that have cute girls.

Lewd shit is welcomed too.
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Welcome to the NHK

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Welcome to the NHK wallpapers
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Portrait mode wallpapers

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I am uploading my Portrait mode Wallpapers and Waifus.

-feel free to contribute
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4k or higher Resolution wallpapers

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I will post some 4k wallpapers that I already have. I am looking for new 4k anime wallpapers for my monitor
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Persona/Shin Megami Tensei Wallpapers

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aisaka taiga wallpapers

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cant find any good aisaka wallpapers
currentnly using this one
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Record of Grancest War

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