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Hatsune miku :3

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Can anyone find the hi-resolution version of this wallpaper?
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Fighting Game Wallpapers

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Post some. Bonus points for Skullgirls or Blazblue
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Boku no Hero thread

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Post some BnH wallpapers, i have only a few. Almighty will be greatly appreciated
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Moto 360 Anime Watch faces

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What is the best website for anime watch faces on the first gen Moto 360? The facer app has maybe 2-3 good ones.
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Anyone have good monogatari wallpapers?
Preferably ononoki yostugi
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Older Anime Wallpapers

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Post wallpapers of older style anime (Paprika, Perfect Blue, Whisper of the Heart, etc.). The type used as lofi music cover art. I'll start with a small dump of mine.
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current wallpaper?
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Steins;Gate thread?

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Preferably Kurisu wallpapers.
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/w/ it's been a while since the last fitness poll, let's change that.
>How old are you?
>How tall are you?
>How much do you weigh?
>Are you a virgin?
>What wallpaper are you using right now on your computer/phone?
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Dark angel of death wallpaper

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Hello anyone got HD or 4K wallpaper of her?
What is the name of thah wallpaper?
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