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Samurai Champloo Thread

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Post 'em
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Death Note

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why can't I seem to find any good wallpapers for my fav anime of all time?
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Steins;Gate Wallpapers

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Anything Steins;Gate related.
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post some kill la kill pics here please im on the hunt for good ones - any kind of papes or quality pics
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Crossover Thread

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Last thread hit the image limit: >>2041769

Crossovers, parodies and anything related.

I'll also take some funny/comedic wallpapers if you have any.
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Love is War Thread

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Anything with girls being overly friendly with each other. I´ve got a collection!mXgH1LoQ!L2UIa2piK4J7qELbyGmxeA but I´m always looking for more.
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Anime girls with headphones

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Can we have a classic anime girls with headphone/listing to music thread?
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