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Alphabet thread:
>Wallpaper must follow the alphabet
>Some part of the wallpaper must contain the letter you are using
>Thread will continue and start over at A until it maxes out
A is for Asuka
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Cute girls in spacesuits, pilot suits, etc., especially with space as the backdrop.
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Does anyone know this artist or can anyone read the artists name in the top right corner this pics quality isn’t good enough for me to read it that well and I’m trying to see the other artist work

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my friend just started an instagram drawing account, he need 4 chan help, can you check is account, here a preview

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Gimme your best fate stay night or fate zero wallpapers
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YuruYuri Papes

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post yuru yuri papes, either comfy, cute, or both
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Haven't seen one of these in a while. Similarity thread.
Someone will post a wall, someone else post another with a similarity. For example, black hair. Stuff like that.
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Samurai Champloo Thread

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Post 'em
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Code Geass

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Fate General thread.
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