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been using for last months 3, thoughts?

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Dark. Tech. Orient.

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I'm looking for more like this. Wallpapers (mobile welcome) that either blur the line between tech and nature, or are just flat out tech-oriented. Preferably, but not necessarily, darkly lit. I'll post more examples.
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Rena is the best x.x
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Senran Kagura Wallpapers

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Just saw the new Senran Kagura trailer and now I need more wallpapers.
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Anything Pokémon related, preferably mobile.
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NGNL papes

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Recently finished No Game No Life and absolutely loved it. Anyone have any good NGNL Wallpapers?
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Japanese Games thread

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Wallpapers from japanese games/visual novels.

They can be game cgs, good screenshots, fanart, etc...

bonus points for Dark Souls.
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highly aesthetic iphone background

voltagepig asteriskx roghummalcha

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