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Best Berserk Wallpapers? Official art work by Kentaro Miura only.
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Dark background, kinda minimalistic.

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I have this wallpaper on every device for at least a year now and still haven't found one to replace it with. I love the black/almost black background with one center piece with a little bit of color but still dim. Will follow with a few wallpapers that are kinda similar but not quite enough, maybe someone will be able to help with that.
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Sket Dance
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Yoshitishi Abe's art

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So i recently saw Haibane Renmei and fell in love with its art.
If anyone has yoshitoshi abe wallpapers, post'em here
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Cowboy Bebop wallpapers

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Lookin for some of your best Cowboy Bebop phone wallpapers
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Anything Holo please

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Akira Toriyama Original Illustrations

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bunny girl wallpaper

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lets give our favorite bunny girl costume honeys the attention it deserves
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21:9 WP

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