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Anime Character in Real World

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Trying to find more like this.
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Ghibli thread

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Huge fan of Ashitaka papes, can't seem to find any good ones though.
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Living life on the edge

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Pics with a sense of danger
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land of the lustrous

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Best looking anime of 2017
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Any of you Niggas got some cool ass DBZ Wallpapers? Bonus points if you have one with Videl or #18
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Music Wallpapers

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Music instruments, bands, anything that involves muisic

Phone or Pc I don't care
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Can we get an "Symphogear" thread going?
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I'm looking for chill, ethereal, night-esque wallpapers. Similar to this one.
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Monster Girls

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Anything Monster girl related, doesnt have to be from the anime, just anything with monster girls
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Anything danganronpa related
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