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New Year

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Let's see some New Year walls.
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NGE wallpapers por mobile plz


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Motorcycle stuff

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Looking for anime/ japanese wallpapers related to motorcycles/ motorcycling Preferably anime girls on motorcycles.
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OS-Tan wallpapers
I'm starting to collect these, post Anime girls"or boys" related to OS-Tans, search engines, or software.
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Dual monitor wallpapers

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Miku's 11th birthday thread

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post ur miku pics and say happy birthday miku!!
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Best images of Berserk to make a shirt

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So i want a new shirt about Berserk, post images worth of that/wallpapers
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Creepy Anime Girl

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Requesting creepy/hot pictures of anime girls.

Prefer ones that:
-Look blind or have strange eyes
-Don't look like straight up killers
-Don't have too much blood
-Have some sort of visual effect that alludes to them being supernatural
-Don't look obviously like they're monsters like having completely black bleeding eyes
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