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Body Pillow Help

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I want a Raphtalia body pillow but I don't want one with young Raphtalia on it as I don't wan't my friends thinking i'm that kind of perv. That being said i'm gonna make a custom one but I need semi-lude/cute/semi-sexy art of her. Help a gal out on her wifu quest please :3

white background and girl

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i'm looking for wallpapers in this style: white or a light colored background + a girl in mid/left/right
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Can we start a Mitsudomoe thread? I'll post what little I have
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Code Geass

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I know most of you ship Rem and all that, but right now I'd like to see the best Emilia-tan wallpapers you got
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Summer Wallpapers

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post your best summer related wallpapers. summer is my favorite time of year
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Bleach Thread

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