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Just found this wallpaper, anyone knows from which anime/movie is from?
(It is 1080x1920)
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Can we have some illya papes
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The current K-On thread is nearly a year old, which is quite amazing, but it's time for a new one.


Also, happy birthday Yui!
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Hetalia Wallpapers

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Hetalia wallpapers everywhere! England preferred.
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Berserk Wallpapers pls

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Black Butler Wallpapers

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Dumping mine. Undertaker papes would be great,
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/r/ing anime girls (OK, anime people who look like girls too) holding programming books.

It doesn't need to be in wallpaper format, can be a regular image too, I'll just use my l33t photoshop skills and make a solid color wallpaper like I did with this one (protip: I don't have l33t photoshop skills, or else I'd shop the books in myself).
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We got a weeb-booty thread, it's boobies time!
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