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Madoka Magica

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Boku no hero academia wallpaper <3
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VanillaWare Thread

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Dragon's Crown, Odin Sphere, GrimGrimoire, Muramasa, 13 Sentinels or art in similar style!
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Gintama wallpapers
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Jojo Thread?

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can we do a Jojo thread? it would be awesome
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peaceful and relaxing type wallpapers

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One Piece

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Sangastu no Lion Wallpapers

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Feel free to add!
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Dual Monitor Thread

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Hello, so I've been using a wallpaper up until recently which I've enjoyed and then mistakenly switched to another wallpaper, wanted to change back but couldn't find it anywhere.

It was a city image with wooden structures with some banners hanging down with a bit of a purple theme, with a boy and a fox/catgirl beside each other, anyone who has it in their collection?

I'll dump some I enjoy to make the thread worthwhile.
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