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Calming, Relaxing Scenery

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Soothing, charming, melancholic, cozy; all sorts of overtones are welcome. Post illustrations of landscapes, horizons, and general scenery that you find yourself drawn to.

All settings, from fantasy to modern and even beyond to full-on sci-fi are welcome.
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anime wallpaper

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i saw a nice looking wallpaper in a youtube stream(cant rewind it to see it again) it was a redhead with a laptop in a locker room i think she had a ponytail and it looked like it was a scene from some anime game can anyone give me a hand? pic not related
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desktop thread

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80-90's anime wallpapers thread

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Ok guys, help me out
Im looking for 80-90's anime screenshots/arts
Preferably something chill
Post pic and title
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Any lain shit?
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Vector Thread - Requests & Sharing

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Post your vector requests and recently done vectors here.
>Previous thread → >>1999542


>Before requesting, here are some tips:
– Request an image ONCE per thread. Do not bump or second - once is enough.
– Check the lists below to see if your request has already been previously fulfilled.
– All requests are welcome, within reason, but remember:
– The poorer the quality of an image (in resolution and drawing ability), the less likely it will be picked up. The more detail seen and higher the resolution, the better.
– Full-body images preferred. Images cut off on 3 or more sides are very unlikely to be picked up due to their limited usage; keep this in mind when finding an image to request. (Hair or skirt edges that are barely cut off don't usually count)
– Requests for removing the background from an image (called a RENDER) and resizing requests should go to the IMT threads.
– Refrain from using renders for requests. Try to find the original non-rendered image; it is easier for vectorists to work with.
– Note: Overly complicated images are unlikely to be picked up due to their nature. IF your request is taken, please have patience.

>Check these places before requesting:*

>Anime vectoring tutorials:
—online viewable guide (Inkscape):
—downloadable guide (Inkscape):
—Illustrator video tutorials: [Embed]

>Thread archive
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Black and white?
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Return of the Minimalist Threads #18

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>What is minimalism?
Minimalism involves taking images and reducing them down to basic colors and removing most features. Most wallpapers will not include shadowing or faces, but this is subjective.

1) Do not post images with incredibly intricate designs, vague or conflicting colors, or undefined edges, these make minimalizing very difficult.
2) If you can, provide the name and/or source for archival purposes.
3) Be patient and make sure to thank the artist!
4) Check if your image hasn't already been done before in the booru:
or in the archive:!nxo0zKjC!OOzph3buFuqIpkVREcw9fZbIcM0szSghHNo8r_TySkc (an updated one is posted not long after start of a new thread)

1) Always upload at at least 1080p PNGs, try and post transparents too.
2) Look over other people's works! We need good criticism if we want to improve!
3) Watermarks/signatures are not highly necessary.

>Guides to Making Your Own

Use either Illustrator or Inkscape (both are free if you know what I mean)

Past threads:

Old thread: >>1996318
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Aqua Konosuba Wallpaper

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But pls in 1024x768 because I have old SyncMaster 170T
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Date A Live

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Previous (Kurumi) thread: >>1976222

Post what you got
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