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Steins;Gate Wallpapers

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Anything Steins;Gate related.
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Autumn / Chilly Thread

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Post wallpapers of Autumn. Doesn't have to have fall colors, anything that gives that vibe of cooler days (scarves/jackets/etc). Avoid anything with snow or bare trees though, that's for the Winter thread.

I'll dump some things to start off; some of these are edited and cropped, and there's a fair number of touhou images. Apologies if that's not to your taste.
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Can i get gamer Jojo's Bizarre Adventures wallpapers
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A Certain Scientific Railgun/Magical Index

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JOJO Wallpapers

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Where the FUCK did the guy who was making these go? I'll post the ones I managed to save.
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Urusei Yatsura

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I desperately need Lum on my desktop. Classic 80's style is preferred, but I'm not too picky
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Post SDS
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Rate thread

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General thread for showing off and rating desktops.

Pic related is my desktop
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