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Old school anime/manga
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Devilishly Cute Wallpapers

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Witches, red eyes, guns, knives, and all with a cute twist.
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Monogatari thread?
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got anything Kenshin? (preferably mobile)
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Fire Emblem Thread

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serial experiments lain

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sel papes
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Pop Team Epic

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Does anyone have Pop Team Epic wallpapers? I have seen that there are very few. By the way, I would love to have a dual-wallpaper if someone has.
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Lewd Wallpapers

Old thread reached limit
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Spring / Summer

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Spring is just around the corner and I'm feelin' good about it. Hopefully you guys are too. Let's get some good spring/summer vibes papes.
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Feels Good Thread

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Been down and out a lot lately, looking for wallpapers that make you feel good and happy
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