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Waifu Thread

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Post your waifu
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No longer popular or not posted about much

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Wallpapers for anime or manga that aren't popular anymore or never were but don't really need their own entire thread.

I'll start with Big O
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serial experiments lain

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sel papes
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New Miku thread, last one reached limit.
Old thread:
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Anyone has this wallpaper in 1080p? If you don´t, do you know where to get it in that resolution?
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Persona 5 thread

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gimme some good ones. Specifically stuff on panther
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KissAnime used to be decent and now its full of ads and buffering in the middle of my videos. Also those annoying popups whenever you click anything on that site. Currently watching FairyTail(Dub)(2014) Episodes 78-90 aren't on gogoanime soo..any recommendations for sites I could use?
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Darling in the Franxx thread

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Darling in the Franxx/Zero Two thread motherfuckers let's go
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