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Fire Emblem

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Can we get a Fire Emblem thread going?
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Felix Argyle

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Anyone have a Felix Argyle PC wallpaper?
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Umaru Thread

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Any umaru wallpapers you got there?
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Phone Backgrounds

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Yo I need a new phone background. Someone mentioned that this where I can get hooked up.

I've had Sayori for quite awhile and I think I need to freshen things up.

Send me phone backgrounds that have cute girls.

Lewd shit is welcomed too.
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Post HQ Mobile wallpapers
Let's see the best mobile wallpapers you got for whatever anime you like
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Land of the Lustrous

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Houseki no Kuni
Diamond best gem
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Raphtalia Wallpapers

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need papers of this qt 3.14

Renders in Shapes #22

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>What is Renders in Shapes?
A style of wallpaper that has a render, within a shape, on top of a nature/urban background. Shapes are typically white/black in color. Background is often blurred around the shape, and left unblurred in the middle. Text is sometimes added.

>Tutorials & Resources
BG & Render Links:

1) Please post rendered images - preferably high quality ones
2) Please post background image you want (optional)
3) Thank whoever filled your request

>Thread Archive
>Previous Thread: >>2124592
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General guys thread

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Seeing a lot of girls but no guys. Let's fix that
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