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send me every type of cat girls
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Animated Wallpapers

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Hey guys! I've recently took an interest with that Steam application called Wallpaper Engine. I took some of your wallpapers and started making them animated. I'm gonna share my first one, if y'all interested.

(this one is loopable so it won't cut halfway through)

Cheers! :D
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Bang Dream thread

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gimme some bandori grills
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Does anybody here knows about a MEGA folder with basically 40GB of wallpapers? I downloaded it once but didn't save the link for the folder, I'm sure it was made by an anon.

I just wanted to find the link, but I'll contribute creating a Monogatari Series thread too!
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MEGA Wallpaper Collection

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I guess it's time to repost for old a new users.

##WARNING This has NSFW images##

If you guys were here about a year ago you might remember this, It's still growing slowly...

Spent a large amount of time creating this Collection of Wallpapers and Images of almost no duplicates.
I figured you guys would love to have some, It contains 37+gb of images, 420+ folders, icons for some slick customization, with 46,000 images in all. So be prepared for a large download if you want them all.

You have the choice to download a single, Multiple or all folders, I understand most people don't want everything.

Your welcome and Happy new year!

P.s. I'm still uploading a little more on the link below as I post this, got a few more folders left.
and if you find Redundant folders and images let me know. It helps me and you.


List of included shows:


If you can please link me to other Large collection so I can also Add them for an even larger one for others to have.

4chan Page, where originally posted:

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share your raifus friend :3
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Anything Pokémon related, preferably mobile.
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Looking for an aheagao collage and have no idea where to ask or look. Something like pic rel, but a clean picture.
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Goblin Slayer thread

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Only quality goblin slaying pics allowed
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