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hatsune miku thread
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wallpapers for wide monitors
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Fire Emblem

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Can we get a Fire Emblem thread going?
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Return of the Minimalist Thread #21

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>What is minimalism?
Minimalism here involves taking an image and reducing them down to basic colors and removing most features. Most wallpapers will not include shadowing or faces, but this is subjective.

1) Refrain from posting images with incredibly intricate designs, vague or conflicting colors, or undefined edges, these make minimalizing very difficult.
2) If you can, provide the name and/or source for archival purposes.
3) Be patient (do not second a request) and make sure to thank the artist!
4) Check if your image hasn't already been done before in the booru:

1) Always upload at least 1080p PNGs, try and post transparents too.
2) Look over other people's works! We need good criticism if we want to improve!
3) Watermarks/signatures are not highly necessary.

>Guides and resources to Making Your Own

Use vector drawing: either Inkscape (free) or Illustrator (free if you know what I mean) (don't use raster graphic software, such as Photoshop, GIMP, etc.)

Past threads:
Untaken requests from them:

Previous thread: >>2081354
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Anime communism

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Post commie waifus.
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Felt like sharing

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My fave wallpaper. 2560x1440p

Dress and colors look pretty.

anything chill and dont hurt eyes

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anything juicy
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Portrait mode wallpapers

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I am uploading my Portrait mode Wallpapers and Waifus.

-feel free to contribute
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I like giant robots
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Made In Abyss thread!