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Kancolle thread? Kancolle thread.
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Naruto Wallpapers

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Dumping what I have for now, I'm hoping to fill my folder up.
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Winter/ feeling wp

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Winter inspired wallpapers for phone and pc, it's the same. Extra points for sad/ feels wp
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1080 x 5760

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Need them three monitor desktops pls :>
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Just mobile

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Mobile thread

My first thread (:
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Black and white?
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Can I have some Sailor Moon wallpapers please?
I'll post the ones I have.
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Specifics Bob!

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OK, I tried this on /wg and it failed me. lets try it here.

I'm looking for specific walls with below requirements. I'll post what I have.

1) single anime/cartoon/hand-drawn (not real-life) female subject to either side. Just not dead centre.
2) uncluttered background. Simple, simplistic, minimalistic, solid or gradients etc.
3) straight perspective/pov. no weird angles.
4) fully clothed - more or less. no nudes, bikini, underwear etc.
5) Little skin mandatory. But no tits/ass in your face. Lets keep it nice and subtle.
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Renders in Shapes Thread #8

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>What is Renders in Shapes?
A style of wallpaper that has a render, within a shape, on top of a nature/urban background. Shapes are typically white/black in color. Background is often blurred around the shape, and left unblurred in the middle. Text is sometimes added.

Watermark Removal:

1) Please post rendered images, preferably high quality ones
2) Thank whoever filled your request

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Prisma Illya Wallpaper

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Anybody got any?
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