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Water Photos

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Post ur best stuff with a water theme
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Post Danganronpa wallpapers!
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Anime girls with headphones

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Can we have a classic anime girls with headphone/listing to music thread?
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white background and girl

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i'm looking for wallpapers in this style: white or a light colored background + a girl in mid/left/right
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Powerlevel Thread

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Image limit achieved. Time for a new thread. Please read the OP before you post. If you aren't sure it probably isn't powerlevel.
Last thread here >>2108766

What is a powerlevel wallpaper?

Powerlevel is, above all, SUBTLE. It attempts to obscure its source material to anyone unfamiliar with it. It looks good to the uninitiated, while providing a neat nod for anyone who knows the reference.

Good examples of powerlevel include:
Insignias and logos
Distinctive equipment or ornamentation (weapons, masks, ribbons, hats, necklaces, glasses, anything that can identify the character to someone who knows the source)
In-universe organizations
Mascots and some non-humanoid side characters. Be careful on this one, it can be borderline.

What powerlevel usually does NOT include:
The anime's name or a character's name. There is some wiggle room here if all other criteria are met.
Faces, or most of a character's body.
Minimalism, if it depicts a character.
Landscapes and cityscapes. There is almost no wiggle room, unless you are 100% sure it's powerlevel despite being a landscape. We know, Monogatari and 5cm/s backgrounds look pretty good, but this isn't the thread for them.
Screencaps, unless the screencaps have been doctored to be high quality.
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Portrait mode wallpapers

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I am uploading my Portrait mode Wallpapers and Waifus.

-feel free to contribute
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comfy thread

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anyone having some comfy wallpaper showing small spaces?
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Girls' Last Tour

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Post Chi-Chan and Yuu
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Anything feet related

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Anime communism

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Post commie waifus.
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