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can i get some good 1440p wallpapers please. Just got a new laptop from school, so need some good wallpapers
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Chill Room

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Nice Cozy Room Thread
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ctr + f: comfy...

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Continuing from the last comfy thread. Come in and chill out
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It's my birthday, as a way to celebrate I'm gonna make a Panty and Stocking thread for old time's sake. Would love if you anons who made /w/ material for it back in the day posted the oldies.

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Depressed girls

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Post some sad and depressed girls. OC characters preferred.
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Lain thread. Anyone have any Arisu?

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Darling in the Franxx papes

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Just good shit
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Futbol Club /w/ - Autumn 18 Kockouts

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Hello fellow /w/eebs. As of last weekend, /w/e have qualified for our first top tier tournament in two years. But before that, /w/e have a knockout round to play this weekend.

>what the hell are you talking about
A sitewide simulated AI vs AI soccer/football tournament where teams represent the boards of 4chan.
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Figurine, figma, action figure, toys any of that. I saw a thread like that months ago and loved it. Makes me want to get into photography just for it
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