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Triple Monitor Wallpapers

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Don't see one currently on the board.
I need some, so give me your best.
5760 * 1080 or higher preferred.
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21.9 Aspect Ratio

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Anyone have 21.9? I just got an Ultra wide and now have to get completely new Wallpaper.

2560x1080 or above would be great!
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Blue/Purple Gradients Preeze

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Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei

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i love SZS
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I'm not sure how to describe these

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I would like something like these ones
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∨丹ㄗ口尺山丹∨モ Wallpapers

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You know the drill. Anime girls, lean, and AESŦħEŦICS!
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season 2 just started. post wallpapers.
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Little Witch Academia

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>no little witch thread
you know the drill, bois
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Tsuyu Asui Thread

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Drop any Tsuyu Wallpapers

Bonus Points if its red
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