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Post wallpapers you made and rate others.

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post gantz/anime sci fi wallpapers
anyone have pic related widescreen?
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Rem wallpaper!
Post your best Rem
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A good phone wallpaper

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I'm using this one now
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Doctors HATE HIM! Local Anon exposes shocking wallpaper finding secret.

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Hey there, /w/!

This may be old news to you guys, but I just discovered and shared this with /wg/ this a month or so ago, and I figured you guys might also find it neat! (Unless I am bobo the fool and everyone knew about this already.)

Did you know that Amazon has SECRET WALLPAPERS just lying around for all of your favorite shows, as long as they're available on Amazon Video? It's true! Those teeny tiny season thumbnails that they have on the episode listing of Amazon Video shows? Spoiler Alert: Most of them are just wallpapers! Just go to the season listing of a show on Amazon Video, use your Developer Tools or whatever to pull the resources for the page, and look for the URL of the season's thumbnail artwork. Should look like this:


What is this? A wallpaper for ANTS? 200×150?! This will hardly do! Here's the trick: Just delete "._RI_SX200_" at the end of that URL.


Whaaa?! I can't believe this! This is actually a 1600×1200 wallpaper hidden in PLAIN SIGHT! Seems like a waste to have the original resolution just lying around relatively inaccessible on Amazon.com like that, but still! Neat! The resolution does vary, though. Some come in an ultra-handy 1920×1080, and for whatever reason Bar Rescue has a mind-blowing 2560×1920 for the later seasons. Crazy, huh?

This trick is SUPER handy for anime seeing as most official anime sites can't be bothered to offer a "Downloads" section for wallpapers in this day in age, and finding high-resolution digital anime artwork that isn't just a scan is a hurdle in its own right. OH! Just a pro-tip! Using Amazon.com is fine and dandy for finding papes of anime that's been localized - but did you know that Amazon.co.jp offers Amazon Prime Video, too? It's true! So go hop on over there and download as many wallpapers you can! Nobody can stop you, you're the anime wallpaper man!
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Meta/rule thread

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Can we have a thread about the /w/ meta and rules? Personally, I think /w/ needs to be made NSFW. The topic of posting cute anime girls is not very worksafe anyways, and the board allows anything borderline porn, as long as no pink is shown. I think this doesn't make much sense at all. The counterargument of this is that this board would become just another porn board (like /gif/), but I don't see this becoming reality. Most people don't want to use wallpapers with actual nudity in them for obvious reasons. This has also been tried on another popular imageboard where /w/ is NSFW, and posting nudity was largely limited to lewd wallpaper threads.

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Date A Live

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Previous (Kurumi) thread: >>1976222

Post what you got
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Fate/Zero & Fate/Stay Night UBW

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Wallpapers of all types welcome!
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good people, recently a friend made me see Fate / zero and I liked it a lot, now I'm looking for wallpaper for my pc, if you have some good I'll thank you
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Birthday poster

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My brother will have his birthday soon, so if anyone could give some nice loli pictures ( preferably one with multiple lolis) then I will thank them nicely.