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Tengen topan guren lagan?
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bountiful aggregation of wallpapers that i have cropped or edited slightly from a few sources
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Saber Wallpapers

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Can we get some love to the best waifu.
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Black Lagoon Thread

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Post your best Black Lagoon wallpapers, bonus for Manga post
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Motorcycle stuff

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Looking for anime/ japanese wallpapers related to motorcycles/ motorcycling Preferably anime girls on motorcycles.
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Yoshitishi Abe's art

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So i recently saw Haibane Renmei and fell in love with its art.
If anyone has yoshitoshi abe wallpapers, post'em here
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Black and White

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Black and white thread, some color is allowed (but only subtle color)
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Phone Backgrounds

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Yo I need a new phone background. Someone mentioned that this where I can get hooked up.

I've had Sayori for quite awhile and I think I need to freshen things up.

Send me phone backgrounds that have cute girls.

Lewd shit is welcomed too.
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I have a lot of papes & I want to share!

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Come join if you want!
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