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Ashita no Joe 2/Osamu Dezaki pastel art

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I'll be dumping the still shots of pastel art from Ashita no Joe 2 in this thread.
Feel free to post anything else from Osamu Dezaki in here.
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Os thead
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lewd anime girls
remember that this is a blue board
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Magical Girls

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Let's have a thread for magical girls!

Specifically, I like Sailor Moon, PMMM, CCS (preferable original series but Clear Card is fine too), and whatever fits the aesthetic- Star Guardians, other anime characters dressed as Sailors or Magis, etc. ^^
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Touken Ranbu Thread

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Post swordboys
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Darling in the Franxx Thread

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Looking for more papes with these cute mechs.
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Wallpapers of color red

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Umaru Thread

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Any umaru wallpapers you got there?
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Xeno-games thread
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Real life anime wallpapers

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Hellooo. Can anyone please post real life anime wallpapers that are 1920X1080 or bigger please?
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