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any danganronpa shit i had a thread that was 8 months or so old but it died so what ever.

Girls blushing

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As red as possible, as cute as possible
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AKIRA Wallpapers

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Post some
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A Certain Scientific Railgun/Magical Index

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Ghost in the Shell is my favorite anime
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Samurai Champloo Thread

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Post 'em
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Made in Abyss

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No Made in Abyss wallpapers thread, so I figured I'd make one because I love this anime.
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2560x1080/Other Ultrawide

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Does anyone have some 2560x1080 or higher res ultrawide papes?
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Yuki Nagato Phone Thread

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So as you can see from the title I am collecting some juicy Yuki Nagato wallpapers. I don't have 2 many and 2 of them are the only ones I truly like. Anything and everything is appreciated but I would prefer 1080x1920 and 1080x2160 resolution wallpapers. I am more than happy to contribute too.
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ctr + f: comfy...

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No comfy thread? I'll post what I have
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