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Anything Pokémon related, preferably mobile.
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Tsunako Thread

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Previous (Date A Live) thread: >>2005271

Post stuff from series that Tsunako has worked on. Some of the more popular ones are:
Date A Live
Hyperdimension Neptunia
Fairy Fencer F

There's a full list here:

Most of Tsunako's work has been illustrations for games, but feel free to post stuff from the series or other media that the games are apart of, or else this thread will probably die quickly.
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Yuru Camp Δ

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Anything Yuru Camp Δ, I only have a few so let's gather here.
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just beat final fantasy 6 last night, can I get some ff wallpaper? 6 is preferred but I'll take any
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Hunter X Hunter

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Anyone have any good HxH wallpapers? Preferably Gon ones.
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Persona/Shin Megami Tensei Wallpapers

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Persona 5 thread

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gimme some good ones. Specifically stuff on panther
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serial experiments lain

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sel papes
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