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Berserk artworks

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Last thread hit image limit: >>1999166

Feel free to request wallpapers for a show, topic, etc... You may want to check the catalog beforehand, but since this is a random thread, it's not a huge deal.

If you need an image upscaled, I may be able to help, but make sure to take any/all other requests to the IMT thread.
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CloverOS Wallpapers

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Post CloverOS wallpapers
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Neon Genesis Evangelion Wallpaper Thread

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Original Creations

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post wallpapers you've made yourself here.
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Post papes featuring Henreader's art. Mobile or desktop, both are fine.
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Desktop thread III

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The other thread hit bump limit, so here's a new one.
Let's see your finished rice or rice in progress, share rates and give contructive criticism to other anons.

The desktop here is taken from this anon >>2049142 from last thread (hope you dont mind)

Last thread >>2046862
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Anyone have similar wallpapers to this not looking for specific series just really enjoy the design
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Are there any quality wallpapers of Tien?
I have looked and never found anything good for the best character in Dragon Ball.
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