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Anime girls with headphones

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Can we have a classic anime girls with headphone/listing to music thread?
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I just got a new laptop for DMing and need thematic wallpapers as such. Anything featuring ttrpg dice, D&D, Pathfinder, Critical Role, etc
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Emotion and Aesthetic

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Post wallpapers which are filled with emotion. Ones that almost seem to be a whole movie inside of a still image.
A picture can speak a thousand words.
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Anime Landscapes #2

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Anime landscapes that give you that calm feeling.

Old thread: >>2126169
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Gloomy Urban Thread #2

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The second installment if the Gloomy Urban thread!

The picture must be *Gloomy*.
*Urban* is ideal but not required.

Artist is chihuri (ちふり) on Pixiv

If we make it through this thread, I'll make an archive of all the posts made from the first, second thread, and all threads that may come after.
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Berserk Thread

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Anything goes. Official panels/screenshots/stills, fan art, paintings, etc.
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Lonely , sad or depressing

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Would love to get me some lonely , sad or depressing Anime wallpapers pleas! I only got this one. Thanks
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Arknights Thread

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Post Arknights wallpapers.
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Positive wallpapers

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Post wallpapers that make you smile and fell awesome!
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