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Umaru Thread

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Any umaru wallpapers you got there?
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Crossover Thread

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Last thread hit the image limit: >>2041769

Crossovers, parodies and anything related.

I'll also take some funny/comedic wallpapers if you have any.
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Mah waifu plox

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Or anything from the anime. Phone or wall, welcome.
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who is this girl/who made this ???

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who is this girl/who made this ???
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Welcome to the NHK

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Welcome to the NHK wallpapers
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Male Thread

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I've noticed there's no threads about guys, let's fix that
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give me your best persona/smt papes fellas
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Land of the Lustrous

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Houseki no Kuni
Diamond best gem
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Misty Thread

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Any version is good, preferably the game one
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Anything Holo please

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