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Okay...NOW /vp/'s images should be restored, an interrupt to the copy left a lot out that should now be there.

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Steven Universe thread
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ITT: post images that make you feel comfy and warm :)
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Recep Tayyip Erdogan thread

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post some walls of this hot, sexy beast
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JDM/Japanese cars wallpapers?

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stance, hellaflush, anything you like put it here!
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Life is strange related
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Welcome to the IMT! We are here to help.
All wallpaper, and most image, modification requests are welcome, but within reason, as this is not >>>/b/, >>>/r/ or >>>/w/imt.
• ALWAYS REVERSE IMAGE SEARCH before you ask us for help. See the /wg/ sticky.
• EXPLAIN YOUR REQUEST IN DETAIL. Details help us get you the image that you want.
• STATE SPECIFIC DESIRED IMAGE SIZE, (ex., 1920 x 1080). "Bigger," "higher," "fit my phone," and the like, are NOT sizes.
• KNOW YOUR SCREEN RESOLUTION before you ask for help:
• UPLOAD AND LINK to an image hosting site, such as, if your image is too small to post. DO NOT add white space OR stretch/shrink your picture.
• DO NOT post images unless they need to be modified or are the answer to a request.
• BE POLITE. Try to use proper spelling and grammar.
• CORRECT word choice (ex.: transparency/cut-out/render) is not as important as DETAILS in a request.
• DO NOT harass people. HELP when they ask for an edit or let others deal with the request.
>Want to talk to a modifier? - select a name and chat
• Tools we use Photoshop, GIMP, Paint.NET, PIXLR, MSpaint, and luck...
>4chan Image/Thread Limitations
• Images SMALLER than 480x600 pixels DO NOT post. (1000x599 or 479x1000 will NOT work)
• Images LARGER than 6MB will NOT post.
• Supported file types are: GIF, JPG, PNG, WEBM
• Maximum file size allowed is 6 MB
• Thread Post Bump Limit - 300 +OP
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Dual Monitor

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Hello friends,
I have finally ascended to the dual monitor master race and would really appreciate some dope ass 3840x1080 wallpapers!

Anything goes, thank you!
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Japan wallpapers?

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WW1/WW2 Backgrounds

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Title says it all post edits from actual photographs or from movies or games or art, just post.
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Subtly Depressing Wallpapers

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I need some subtly depressing wallpapers. I want wallpapers that convey a sense of loneliness, sadness, despair, gloominess, and depression. But I don't want anything like death, gore, or blood. Mobile is preferred, but anything is also good. Thanks.
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