Space / Astronomy Wallpapers

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/comfy/ Cities Edition

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Time for another edition of /comfy/. So I thought I'd revisit a theme I've done before: comfy cities. Feel free to post anything that you feel captures the comfy, lonely, anonymity of city life.

All I ask is NO ANIME or illustrations. Only real photographs please!
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Home screen/desktop thread

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Haven't seen one of these in a while, post your home screen/desktop screenshot here and other Anons guess your age and personality
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Anyone have more seductive/attractive female faces?
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Halo 3 Screen Capture

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Hello I am looking for a certain anon that has posted here in the past. He posted some high quality Halo 3 screen caps. I'm wondering if you're still here and if you might be able to dump your folder. Or maybe if you could show me your ways. I will post what I was able to find in the archives.
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Subtle Vaporwave

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papes with subtle vaporwave vibe.
No cyberpunk
No synthwave
No fasc-wave
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Vaporwave? Vaporwave.

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Do you know where this picture comes from originally ? it would be very good as a wallpaper if it wasn't so smol

also, greek wallpapers genereal i guess
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Sexy women dump

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Post all the artistic papes you got.
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Sexy and powerful women

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Don't need to be naked, just beautiful and powerful.
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