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Gaben wallpapers, let us show our glorious leader some love.
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Hey, /wg/, nice to finally meet you. I love all forms of wallpaper, or I would think so. Minimalist themed wallpaper appeals to me more than normal wallpapers.

If you would kindly post your suggestions, I would love the... nipple out of you.
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Let get late 90s-early 2000s wallpaper thread going, post anything that looks cool and vapor as fuck.
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Wolf wallpaper thread.

No pleb resolution, please.
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/vgg/ - Video Game General #23

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Previous thread: >>6807066

Any and all video game wallpapers are welcome.
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ITT: Anything that involves history, preferably politics, war, music and riots
Also preferably 20th-21st century
Will post some photos
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Pepe wallpapers

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Are there any pepe wallpapers, especially those that look like high quality paintings?
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Life philosophy

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So my teacher few days ago just asked us what is our life philosophy, but i couldn't respond that question.

Iwas thinking and i think i just got it: "There might be someone that need your help"

So, now im asking your's. What is your life philosophy /wg/?
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Asian Girls Wallpapers

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no giant imagesets edition
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Occult Wallpaper Thread

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Dark, paranormal, satanic, secret societies, cults, witchcraft, etc...
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