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Realistic Art thread

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I'll dump what i've got
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M is for mind
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Yellow, gold, anything in that
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Retro nerd games

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Can I get some 8-bit walls please?
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Do you recognize this symbol?

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I've been trying to find what or where this symbol is from.I've used every reverse image search website i could find with no luck.
For some reason i thought of 4chan to see if anyone had seen this before.
I've never used 4chan so do forgive me if this topic is in the wrong section or something.
It took me 5 minutes to figure out how to make a new topic,i'm sort of that old man that searches "Google.com" on google.

Thank you.
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Short Haired Girls Thread

both sfw and nsfw are cool
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looking for some wallpapers (pics or drawings) of couples in love - homo/hetero/lesbo all is good
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Vaporwave wallpaper

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my monitor have 2560x1080 resolution,post some cool vaporwave wallpaper that can fit
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Official Desktop Thread #85

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Hello again.

http://nanami-tan.info (W7/8/10)
http://pastebin.com/CL7HyL3V (W10)

Recommended Suggestions:
>Rice before posting
>Lurk, read the OP links, and google it before asking
>Don't shitpost, that's what /g/, and now /w/, is for

Old thread: >>6606842
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Hey anons can you please post some lain and GNU wallpapers for Grub?