Dual monitor wallpapers

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Let's see your best dual monitor wallpaps
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Multiple monitors - 2+

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Searched but could not find a multi monitor thread.

ITT: Wallpapers with an aspect ratio of 32:9 or wider.
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Comfy papes

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I want 1080 papes like the one attached to this post, and if you can manage it the 1080p version for the one attached, thanks.

Dia de los Muertos wallpapers

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Made a couple new OC's
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Post girls that you think are pretty/beautiful
Dont judge girls you dont like, its all about individual taste
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4K duel monitor (7680x2160) papes

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These are really fucking hard to find and I'm about to resort to buying stock photos. I will post what I've managed to find so far. plz help.
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Looking for some dark street alleys, with neon lights preferably
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Hey, do you have any pape similar to this one?
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Triple screen wallpapers

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Do these even exist? I recently got a third screen and so far I only made this shitty space pape myself from some Hubble picture.
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