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Dark Souls

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Hey, was wondering if anyone had some cool Dark Souls wallpapers? I'm a little too hyped about Dark Souls 2, to be honest, and was looking for some decorations. I only have the one wallpaper at the moment. Demon's Souls, Dark Souls and Dark Souls 2 is generally what I'm looking for.
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Beautiful snowy wallpapers

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hey /wg/ im a fan of snowy walls, unfortunatly this is the only one i have, so sorry about that but please post some
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Satanic WPs

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Love me some Satan and Baphomet, anyone have any backgrounds that that feature anything Satanic related? Cute, serious, inspirational, i can appreciate them all.
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KDA Wallpapers
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Papes for phones witg large screens

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Basically 2960x1440
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Best Remy Lacroix Wallpapers

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I want em all
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Lofi hiphop thread

More like this one
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Old quaint protestant style churches.
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Guns would be banned in 2020

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come here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its fucking happening.

viva Joe Biden! Texas blue, Texas mexican for ever hahahahahahahaha
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