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Lewd backgrounds, preferably ones that don't actually show nudity but toe it. 2D/3D welcomed.
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Phone wallpapers. I need a new one.
This is my old one
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military, /k/, anything with a gritty war feeling
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SFW Pretty girls
SFW only and preferably not overly suggestive
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Science wallpapers

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Dumping everything currently in my science wallpaper folder, looking for more things to add to it.
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Sexy and powerful women

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Don't need to be naked, just beautiful and powerful.
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true 4K wallpapers

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preferably nature and suitable for dark themes. real 4k please, not the upscaled 1080p shit. Also links to sites with true 2k/4k papers will also be greatly appreciated!

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movie papes
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I finished an art history book and im posting what i found that i thought would make decent wallpaper. Mostly for phone. Feel free to add w/e you think appropriate.
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Gloomy papes that you love

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Phone or desktop, both are welcome
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