it's my 23rd birthday post 23rd pape

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hey guys, i'm turning 23 in 3 hours and all i can really say is the last 365 days have been rough at times

i always lurked this board and wanted to have my own birthday wallpaper thread one day and i finally got around to post it

post your 23rd pape or your favorite pape


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Post Sanrio wallpapers!! :D
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New year, new wallpaper
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Women 9

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This is the (n)th thread of my women-themed wallpaper folder that I have collected over time. Parts 1 through 8.1.1 can be found here, if they haven't 404'd, and if they have, as a wiser user than myself pointed out, they can be found at and you can just use the thread # provided to search for your desired 404'd thread:

I have some guidelines for what I've saved, to give you an idea what to expect, which are:

- Nudity is cool, but no visible vag or anus. I live with my wife and daughter and try to keep my papes "tasteful nudes", not "porn".

- No dudes in the picture.

- Visible feet are encouraged, but shouldn't be the focus (I have a mild foot fetish, but that's not what my wallpapers are about).

- As High Res as possible.

- The more "artistic" the picture the better. I'd rather a cool picture that happens to have a pretty girl in it rather than just a naked girl with nothing else.

Not all my papes follow all my rules, but if they don't, it's usually because there was just something about that pic in particular - the composition, the pose, etc. - that made me decide to add it.

Anyway, here they are, I hope you like them. If you have any that fit the theme, please post them, and if you see a girl that you like, let me know and I might have more of her that I can share.
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/vgg/ - Video Games General #15

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Post a wallpaper for whatever you're currently playing. Or whatever you want to share, or request.

Previous Threads:
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Wallpapers that make you feel tranquility and/or pure beauty

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I don't kreally knoe how to explain it so i'll just dump 'em...enjoy! Bonus points for illustrations
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Save one, leave one Part 2

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The old thread died and I didn't see a replacement, so here's take two

Also M:TG has some beautiful art, if you know, you know
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Offensive wallpaper

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My fucking dogshit coworker who is a 35 yo virgin with face like a fucking frog always stare at my screen in a impolite way. I sit in the front row and he is at the back. He sometime stand up for fucking no reason just to look at my screen. I feel creepy and no privacy. Anyone have an offensive big picture/wallpaper so everytime he stare at my screen I will put it on? Like a wallpaper with a big ass "DOG" word in the middle.
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Pictures you took yourself .
[Phone,DSLR,Film, anything goes wallpaper material pictures please.]

I've been getting into film photography to help me with my stress during the school year. It helps me relax and unwind.

I'll post some of my favorite shots from my last roll. Hope you guys like it. Can't wait to see what you guys have for me.
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Wallpapers like this
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