Black/White minimalist bgs

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help me find this

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This image has been driving me crazy for the past 7 or 8 years, i need to find it.
Basically, as my diagram shows, the image was of an asian woman with short hair wearing a minimal outfit with long boots.
Shes in water which is up to her knees or something and is in what looks like narrow streets, with her back up against the wall.
And theres this oversided toad in the image looking at her.

Any ideas guys?
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Can we get a motivational wallapparr thread?

I've seen a few pictures that could cut it for wallpapers and make me want to better myself/rekindle the flame of self betterment.
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4chan post backgrounds, ironic and serious
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Anything but reposts
If it's been posted here before, I dont wanna see it
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Literature papers
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Interesting/Controversial Flags

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How do you find a wallpaper that fits your personality and adds a little spice to your existence?

I want a wallpaper that says that I am badass, but kind, and smart but playful, and that I'm nerdy but I'm not an unfuckable weeb. I want to be able to show it to friends I find some, girls, and at work.

But there's too much choice and I feel helpless, how do you cope with that? Does your wallpaper reflect your personality or your aspirations?

Share some cool papes. No words. Just meaningful papes.
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Star Wars wallpapers
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What's On Your Mind?

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The previous thread hit bump limit. What's On Your Mind Anon? Share your feels.
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