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/bst/ - Battlestation Thread

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r8 h8 and masturb8 over ur setups
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My kitten died today. Post sad/comfy cat pics

Pic related, her name was Bonnie(her brother's name was clyde)
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Sublime wallpapers. Everything that is sublime in the romantic sense, from paintings to photos.
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Elder Scrolls

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Any and all welcome
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Sci-Fi Wallpapers

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Lets get some Sci-Fi happening. Roger Dean, Chris Foss and any gold you have buried!
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Pokemon thread

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I've been seeing some pretty lame ones for too long, gimme ya best. I'll drop some of mine
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Papers that make you want to git gud at something

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New PC - Best wallpapers, prefferably non nsfw

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I got my new pc today, but i need great wallpapers, i'm into anything really. Films, music, trippy, comfy, deep, dark, philisophical, historical, anything you can think of that is the best - post it.
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Hey guys, its my bday. I would really like some Pulp and/or Noir papes if you guys have any?
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Does anyone have more b&w/dark/minimalistic papes? Subject doesn't matter

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