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Sentimental wallpaper thread, wallpapers that are special to you for one reason or another

I've been visiting this board for what has to have been almost a decade now, it's been something like a haven for when I just feel empty or want to be inspired. I've spent many a night/morning just trawling through collecting and sharing wallpapers and yeah, it's been lovely!
I'm happy to say I've finally created something that I feel is worthy of belonging on here, y'all were in my head and heart while I drew it up and I hope you all like it
Thanks for the years of peace and cool shizz

I'm not super knowledgeable when it comes to exporting shtuff, I drew it in 3840x2160px so that's what I exported as. I'm not sure if that's good practice or not, I can export a 1920x1080 if requested. Any info on how to actually go about drawing/exporting wallpapers would be appreciated <3
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book covers

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bonus points for wraparound ones
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Hey guys, been collecting wallpapers with this feel for a while, think you guys can add any to my collection?
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/tv/ and movies screenshots
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Drawn girls thread

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Tauros Stuff Dude

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Hey fellas, i hope want some cool stuff about sign Tauruss and that.

Old school fantasy/dnd style art?

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This one from diablo
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Smoking Wallpapers

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anything you can smoke it falls under this thread
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/Norilsk wave/

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Looking for more like this, that gloomy former Soviet city type pape
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