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Cartoon/Anime wallpapers

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motivate and inspire friendos
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OLED version of this?

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Sorry if this is bad form. But I cant find this anywhere. I have seen an anon post it in the past.

Pls help.

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Just turned 25 today!
Hit me with your best wallpapers!
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anyone have this in a higher resolution

19th pape

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It's my 19th Birthday today post your 19th pape
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Post your 22nd wallpaper

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Hello /wg/, it's my 22. birthday, and this is finally the first time I remembered to do this. Post your 22nd wallpaper in honor of my birth, please!
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25th birthday

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Hey guys its my 25th birthday today. Please post your 25th wallpaper so I wont succumb to depression.
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Everything related to horses; cowboys, charros, gauchos etc.
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Combo Papers: 2 wallpapers that are a variation of each other
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