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clean, crisp, clear... i underestimated the utility of a pixel art pape for a good long while. but not any longer bros... not any longer...
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today is m 51st birthday. Post your 51st wallpaper. See ya next year
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Dual Monitor Wallpapers

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just got a 2nd monitor so send some maties
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Women and Dragons

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girls/women with dragons: post them!
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Anyone have any high rez artistic stills or fan art of their favorite Chefs

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zoom backgrounds
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Album covers art

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Post some music album cover papes

Bonus points for houses of depression
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NieR Automata

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And no, it's NOT anime and it doesn't need to go to /w/.
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Love 'em. Post papes.
Orcas preferred.
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Girlfriend Birthday Gift

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It's my gf's 24th birthday in a week and I want to blow up an image and print it on a big frame as a birthday gift to her. I made a selection of pictures of the mountain ranges of south germany (her family is from there) and some other good looking pictures, but I am still looking for more options.

On sunday when she comes over i'll go through them and have her pick her favorite to print. Pictures of nature would be great, also gf is a psychologist and researcher who loves coffee, exercise and pokemon.

Post high resolution pictures that would make good prints and I will add them to the list. Anything goes, if it's good it might end up on her wall!
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