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minimalist papes

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post your best minimalistic papes
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Dune Thread.

I don't think that many wallpapers exist, let alone good ones. Hopefully there's some hidden gems somewhere on the internet. I only found three.
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Tiger thread

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tigers only zone
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Acrylic Pour Papes

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Heyo, this is the place to share your acrylic paint pour wallpapers, I have a few but would like to see what y'all have!
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I turned 20 today.
Post your favorite wallpapers and masculine wallpapers, and throw in your best advice.
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Beach wallpapers

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I want to find some nice beach wallpapers similar to this, maybe some of those with black sand but i dont know any good sites for these nor is google really helping. Maybe some of you have a few!
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MAGA papes

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get it rolling , election eve. TRUMP Papes

I don’t give a fuck about the resolution , it’s time. I’m not the op here. You Know the Plan
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Just changes to the iPhone 12 Pro Max so just looking for some OLED or high res papers
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Classy nude/semi-nude art

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Artsy nude/semi-nude/sexy wallpapers that are classy enough to not make you feel like too much of a weird perv that lurks 4chan when unlocking your phone or using your pc in front of other humans (just a little). Preferably not photography
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Chart wallpapers

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