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Spooky mythics General
I have a new fav kind of images, picrelated.
They look sick, f. e. i've been looking at this one for about 4 mins, sad i can't find another one
Feed my brain please.
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I saw this image a while back but in a much higher resolution, has anyone got it?
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Dump all your custom instruments wp, especially guitars
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Made some papes with deep style

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minerals and gems!

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Ultrawides 21:9

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Since the two other threads are either limited to 2560x1080 or not even ultrawides lets get a quality thread going. Ill dump as many as I can to get the ball rolling
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Borderlands thread?
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Anything sexy and artsy :)
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Sad nigga papes

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Just broke up with the girl I thought was the one
Post depressing shit
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Comfy sci-fi

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Some anon posted this in the other thread and its really hitting the spot. What you guys got?
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