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Scotch/Whiskey/Bourbon or any alcohol wallpapers
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Suicide Girls

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Post beautiful Suicide girls,
I'm specifically looking for Face Photographs.
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Wallpapers like these
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Witcher Wallpapers

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Post all your favorite witcher wallpapers. Pref W3
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Japanese art wallpapers thread? I'll dump what I have; requesting mobile wallpapers in this size.
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Samurai Jack - Spoilers

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Hey, /wg/, it's me again. Finally getting around to screenshotting the most recent Samurai Jack episode.

I foolishly haven't gotten episode 8 done yet because of set backs. Had surgery on my wrist and I'm doped up on hydrocodone, so I'm in a good mood. Just recently getting back to almost normal. What sucks is that for the final episode I'm going to be at work, and then immediately going to bed because I have early traveling to do on Sunday, so I won't even get to watch the episode until Monday if I'm lucky.


If anyone needs to catch up on any screenshots for all of season 5 you can find them all here, separated by episode and category -

If you are already looking for a specific episode, go check out the pastebin I made to make all this shit easier for everyone -

Don't think I'll be getting 9 done tonight, just thought I'd post to let you guys know I didn't give up on SJ, just had a few setbacks.
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Shitty Albums, good papes

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post em
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Plant themed wallpapers!
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Just got a s8+ and I'm in need of some papes
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