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/pol/ left

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post left wing pics

>all flavors of anarchism
>politician/industrialist hate
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Gran turismo sport wallpapers made using the in game photo mode
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/comfy/ Winter Edition

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It's time for another edition of /comfy/ or film grain photos or whatever you want to call them. I'll be dumping photos that have a winter vibe. Feel free to post anything that fits the theme.

Just no anime or paintings please. Real photographs only.
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The first day of the year:
thoughts come - and there is loneliness;
the autumn dusk is here.
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Can be real, fictional, parodies, or whatever, as long as they are flags and as long as they are formatted so that the entire paper encompasses the flag. No pictures of a flag in the distance on a pole or some dumb shit, and no clothes or items etched or painted with a flag on it.

Flags, faggots. Flaggots.
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more like this
need 2560 x 1440
prefer dark snow. no bright white
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Not so inspirational

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Any papes like the one here would be appreciated.
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here are some wallpapers from this artist
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Fantasy & Medieval

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Anything, as long as you really like it

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Just post any wallpaper, no preferences, it doesn't matter. As long as its a wallpaper you really like, you can also share the reason why you like it too.
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