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friendship, FOMO, sex, parties, fall in love, meeting, messing around
Anything that could have been experienced without the covid
Anything which can bear witness to something you would have always remembered

Chaotic, drunken, and nostalgic atmospheres are a personal favorite (see example) but feel free to add any kind of mood
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Black & White

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Horror Phone Wallpapers

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Anyone got any horror papes? (Bonus points for ones specifically for phones)
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OS thread

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Post system themed papes
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Tier 1 Cities Wallpapers

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Vienna - culture and good taste.
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Film Wallpapers

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post movie wallpapers in this thread. Phone or Desktop :)
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post wallpapers that make you nostalgic
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moon thread
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It's been almost 5 years, but tomorrow I'll be ditching my gf.

I know it has to be done, but I still feel like I'm actually dying inside.

Comfy papes please. No feels papes.

Also welcomed:
>Comfy food
>Generally somber but relaxing
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