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minimalist papes please
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Kinda related to here

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Please post nice android themes that don't feature flat design, minimalism etc.
inb4 hurr durr just don't use android you silly fuck

Apple Computer

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Anything related to apple
Apple hate is also allowed
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Modern aircraft/planes, fighter jets

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stealth technology.
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oc photos thread
pics taken by you
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I just turned 30 and fucking hate the way I've wasted my life. Post your 30th pape or whatever.
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Halo Rings

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Specifically images with the ring in the background. I really like these and would like to have some more. Uploading what I've found.
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20th birthday, no one to celebrate with. Post your 20th pape
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Va-11 Hall-a papes

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Too many of these threads are doom and gloom. I need some papes that convey a feeling of confidence, accomplishment or motivation for going forward with life. Since I don't have too many papes like this I'll post what I can.
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