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Anyone got Some awesome Lord of the rings wallpapers?
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terrifying nature? i need furious mother nature papes
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Shit collection atm

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Hey guys, I've been trying to find backgrounds for my computer but haven't found that many. If you guys could drop anything you think is good I'd really appreciate it
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JDM stuff basically.
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30th Year of Existence

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Hey everyone!

Please to give me your 30th in celebration of my super amazing happy fun time birthday?!

I love the apocalypse, philosophers (I haz nihilism), sci-fi and future shit, and any other cool stuff.
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Lock Screen Wallpapers

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Can we have a thread for Windows lock screen wallpapers? Criteria:
>focal point/highlight is shifted to the right side
>dark, low contrast area to the left so the clock pops out
Might be a stupid idea but hey, making a thread is free.
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!9th bday

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Hey Guys im 19 so will you all post your 19th wallpaper c:
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animal thread? looking for aggressive/muscular animals like gorillas/lions/bears, but dump what you have
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Does anyone have anymore desktop-sized Kuvshinov papes? I really like art style but I don't have too many. I'll dump what I have.
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ladyboy art noir

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