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Fanatsy wallpapers

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relaxing rooms

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rooms that make you want to kick back and relax in them. 2d or real photos, doesn't matter. bonus for a nice outdoor setting outside the window
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Well boys, I did it. 30 year old virgin. I'm discovering all my wizard powers as we speak. Post your 2nd, 22nd, 30th, and 91st papes to celebrate this day.
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"4chan" feel

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Post papes with that nostalgic and cozy 2007 feel.

I want back.
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guns- specially revolvers

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Any guns are good
revolvers are best
can be fantasy, concept, drawings, pictures, any cool guns but mostly wheel guns
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Go to your wallpaper folder, sort by size, updload the largest one (that's still under the upload size limit)
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Naval-themed papes

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Anything seafaring-related. Ships, boats, etc.
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Word Focused Papes

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Wallpapers focusing on one word or phrase, preferably actual photos rather than artwork
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Revolt Against the Modern World

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Tribute papes to Skyking and general modernity hate
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