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Let me post some papes for you /wg/, its my birthday today
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unique atompsheric/gloomy papes

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feeling depressed, post some slightly more unique wallpapers I won't have seen before (not the same ones posted in every thread)
atompsheric/gloomy city and nature papes preferred or anything nostalgic that reminds you things aren't quite ok
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Lush Nature: Jungles/Beaches/Islands/Greenery

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Do you have any gorgeous nature scenes to share? Tropical beaches, jungles in the rain, even just growing grass. Hoping for a dose of nature.
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Green backgrounds
patterns of leaves would be nice
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Right wing/ fashy papes

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It's my 19th birthday, post your 19th pape.

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While I typically don't celebrate my birthday because of the hatred I have for cake, surprises and people spending money on me, I had a great one today.

The only thing that I wanted was a hand written note from my college crush, and a bracelet to replace the one that I lost this week. This morning my crush texts me saying that she has a little something for me taped to my dorm room door; and low and behold it was everything that I wanted and more. She came to my dorm and presented me an orea ice cream cake. It made my fucking day bois. I landed a second date with her this weekend :)
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What's on your mind?
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Nintendo Papes

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Your favorite Nintendo papes. Any Nintendo related game is cool.
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dark ones

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the easy on the eyes type stuf
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Show me your bfs

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Bird feeders of course and bird baths. I started with 3 for my mother's day gift to my ma and now I have them every where