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Post anything Retrowave or synthwave
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I'm a 19 year old college girl, and I just had a breakup. We first started off as friends in September, and I actually really liked him. I'm also the type of person to take the initiative and he's kinda shy, so in mid-October, I asked him out. He said no, but we kept being friends. It then evolved to becoming friends with benefits, and 2 1/2 months ago, he asked me out! I immediately yes and I fell in love. About a week or so later, he said he fell in love too. I've never been so happy. Things were going so well. Yesterday however, he said the relationship couldnt go on for much longer because he didnt love me the way I loved him anymore. So it ended. He said we'd still be friends, which is fine with me I guess, but I'm heartbroken. I really thought he was the one. I've been through so many shitty relationships that I thought I could finally settle with this kind, almost-perfect guy who would make me happy every time we would hang out, but it turns out thats not the case. I'm so fking sad. It's going to take me a looong time to get over him and I feel like a big piece of stupid, purposeless, shitty excuse of a human being, and I just dont know what to do anymore
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Decided to stop smoking weed. Felt it was time. Throw me some of your favorite green papes to help me cope/celebreate
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Need some Blade Runner 2049 wallpapers. Preferably, high res still from the film.
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"Anon, I think we need some space."
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A pape and a song

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comfy morning papes

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Hey fellas, /lit/ here. I'm writing a book right now about a young girl going through the madness of the modern world. She seeks to separate herself from the insanity of it all and basically it's just 200 pages of her hanging out with friends and finding peace in the unusual beauty of an ugly city.

This picture is my exact aesthetic that I try to conjure with my descriptions. So give me whatever wallpapers you have that depict morning light or sunrises, qt's are not required. Extra points if you've got some in an urban setting.

I'll post the few that I do have.
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Wether or not you play, you must admit, Magic the Gathering (MTG) has some amazing art.
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