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Is there a market for They Live movie papes?
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Kung Fu/Martial Arts

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See so few of those classic 80's chinese Kung Fu movies around, I need me some papes.
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My Gallery

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Hey /wg/

I posted this on /ic/, but seeing as all of these paintings have been my background at some point, it seemed befitting to ask you guys as well.

Seeing as how I am not filthy stinking rich and cannot afford the originals, I've been on a kick as of recent of buying canvas prints of art to hang on the walls of my apartment. I have these thus far:

Wander Above the Sea of Fog - Caspar David Friedrich
Wave of Kanagawa - Hokusa
One of the Great Red Dragon series - William Blake
Stanczyk - Jan Matejko
Ivan the Terrible Killing His Son - Ilya Repin
The Course of Empire: Destruction - Thomas Cole
Washington Crossing the Delaware - Emanuel Leutze
Alexander and Diogenes - Gaetano Gandolfi
The Starry Night - Vincent van Gogh

Based upon my tastes, which are mostly 19th century, would anyone be willing to make any suggestions of any pieces that they find exceptional? It doesn't have to be 19th century, but that seems to be where a bulk of my tastes lie
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Post your favorite picture
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wassup guys, i'm looking for a wallpaper that looks like pic related but it was in australia with wojak
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Default Wallpapers from OSes

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Post the best wallpapers that came with the operating system.
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Dualscreen papes

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The title says it all. I don't have many, but i have some.
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Glitch Art Thread

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Struggeling Heroes/Motivational

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sup /wg/, I'm looking for inspirational wallpapers, mostly of superheroes struggeling with a certain burden or weight, but I'd like the picture to be inspiring, to push on and don't give up. I know this is really specific and weird, but hopefully someone can help me out here. Sadly I only got 2 wallpapers which capture this special feeling I'm looking for
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Resident Evil Wallpapers

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