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A classic wallpaper genre.
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Tank wallpapers

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Has anyone got an old fuckscape with the image of an m1a1 firing with huge fireball and a phrase that said something like "Kill it with fire" or something similar

Pic closely related

also Warporn thread?
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Can we get some more aesthetically Girls here more preferably under some neon lights
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/comfy/ Winter edition

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Time for another edition of /comfy/

Anything with a cozy, brooding, winter feeling to it. Just no anime please.
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It's my b'day

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Post your's similar to this. Warhammer 40k is preferable
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Got a new job today. I have a history of panic attacks and freaking out causing me to lose it within a month.

Post some mild pepes to help me overcome the anxiety this time...
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Best phone wallpaper ever change my mind
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