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Warrior Women

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Women with weapons (preferably swords/melee weapons) and/or engaged in combat.
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Humour wallpapers

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Naval/Nautical/Seafaring wallpapers

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I'm getting a new phone in a couple of days and want to give it a classy look.
Would love to collect some nice themed wallpapers. Doesn't have to be photos, paintings or anything else that fits the theme is welcome too.
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4chan post backgrounds, ironic and serious
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TWICE Wallpaper General

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Your favourite wallper

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Only those that you personally like

post 'em
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Can we get another fashwave thread going?
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need mgs wallpaper pls

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i need a cool mgs wallpaper

Ultrawide, 21:9, 3440x1440

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I just got a new monitor and I was looking for some ultrawide wallpapers.
Bonus point for gaming related one
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