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Word Focused Papes

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Wallpapers focusing on one word or phrase, preferably actual photos rather than artwork
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Revolt Against the Modern World

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Tribute papes to Skyking and general modernity hate
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I've been reading the books of
Dune and I need more artwork
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STALKER/Chernobyl/Soviet postapo thread

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cheeky breeky
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Cozy virtual art that makes you feel nostalgic
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apple wallpaper I made in blender

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only took about 5 minutes, cant think of anything to improve, what does everyone think?
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minimalistic stories

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This is my favourite wp ever (Seven samurai), the feel, how it shows the story elements the style/minimalism. Does anyone have anything similar - books/films/series anything goes

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today is my 18th birthday

post you're 257th wallpaper
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Cheesy scifi book covers

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I know this is super vague, but you know that feeling when you walk into a goodwill and see all the scifi novels that desperately try to snag your attention?
I'm trying to find those kinda papes

> 70s - early 00s scifi
> The sorta feeling you get from pic related

Whatever you guys have, I'm just addicted to this stuff
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soulsbourne papes

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