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fantasy wallpapers

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just wallpapers of fantasy worlds or with some elements of it
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/fit/ mobile wallpapers

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I just want to open up my phone and automatically get motivated to lift some weights
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As of today...

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I am officially a wizard. Please post any wallpapers related to wizardry, magic, fantasy, etc. Thanks.
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Asian Females

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Bonus points for 1440p or better walls.
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Any cars, pics or drawn.
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Borderlands 3 general

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lets see your borderlands 3 screenshots
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Sorry for the /aw/ Crosspost.. But Shaurel Summons Her Best Friend, the Frost Devil

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Basically she is an immortal little girl witch and one day after talking to Satan, she creates/summons a Frost Devil.. He's coarsing with elemental energy, asking for a friendly chat!

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Lust illustrations with a hint of occult science
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