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beautiful ladies native 4k walls

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help me collect more!
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Black and Red

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Just got a new laptop with red back-lit keys, need some good darker backgrounds with red as an accent for color
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We shall post in the name of our savior Christopher Nolan
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Anarchism papes.
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Dark Souls Thread

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Drop some Dark Souls papes my dudes
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I just saw the new Spiderman videogame trailer and I saw this cover from the comic the amazing spiderman nº 43 and I would like to have it as a wallpaper. Do you guys know where to get it?
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Pixel wallpaper thread boys
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Assassins Creed Origins

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These are some screenshots I took that I feel are wallpaper worthy, feel free to post y our own shots!
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New York City

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Requesting your comfiest NYC papes. Preferably street scenes rather than just skyline type pics but anything NY-related is appreciated. Most of the ones I have are Manhattan but any pics from the other boroughs would be cool too.

I know NYC is dirty and smelly and expensive but it's my favorite place in the world.
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