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TWICE Wallpaper General

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something like this
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Monsters/Creatures NON-COPYRIGHTED ≥ 1920x1080

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I will be posting some of my favorite monster/creature wallpapers. Must be
≥ 1920x1080 and not be something that is copyrighted like godzilla, venom, etc. Bonus points for big monsters with small people / something to give the image a sense of scale.
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Celtic stuff

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Celtic women / girls Is Better
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What's On Your Mind?

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How are you doing, anon? Let's post walls that reflect our thoughts and feels. I've always felt better when I got things out of my head. Maybe it'll help help you feel better too.

ITT I'll be posting a new wallpaper every day along with some of my thoughts on it. For the first day I'll share three. Feel free to disagree with any of the following. I appreciate different perspectives.

You can't look at a boat without thinking of a journey or an adventure. Like they say, boats were not built to stay at their docks. Clearly this ship is heading toward a harbor, nearing the end of its voyage, but is it arriving at a new land or returning to an old one? How long have they been out at sea? If this is "home," how much has it changed? When I look at this wallpaper I'll have different answers every time, but I always think about the captain in the same way: he never expected to reach his destination.

I'm in the same... boat. There was a friend I've had for many years, and long story short I made it prohibitively difficult for him to continue to talk to me. It's not that he ever closed the door, it's just that the onus was on me to reopen it, which was extremely difficult because I have some pretty bad anxiety issues. The fall-out occurred a little over a year ago and I never went more than a week without thinking about reaching out to him again, what to say, where the conversations would go, and everything else, but I still couldn't get myself to do it.

Last week I finally put my foot down and promised myself I would finally reach out. I prepared more than I had ever prepared before, and I planned to do it today, but man plans and God laughs. I didn't reach out to him today. He actually reached out to me first, yesterday. It was unbelievable. After more than a year of silence, and the day before I resolved to reach out, he goes first. I'm also surprised how easy it was for things to return to relative normalcy.

Also, my Captcha wants me to select images with boats. FFS.
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It's time for yet another Pantone Thread.

This time in English and without personal branding, because we're ripping off an existing style anyway.

First in 16x9, then 16x9 vertical, then 18.5:9 vertical.
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Paint / Ink Thread

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Let's have some paint, ink, expressionism and abstract thread. I'll dump what I have in my collection.
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Game of Thrones

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post'em got papes
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Only pics u have taken urself

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