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Girlfriend cheated on me and immediately confessed to me after it happened and still wants to be with me, regretting what she did. Send me some depressing af papes. Something closer to black, thanks
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No ebony thread? What kind of summer is this
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moon thread
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Wallpapers that give you goosebumps just from the thought of what it must feel like in the picture
>cool rain and breeze
>cozy atmosphere
>tingles a sense

Never made a thread on /wg/ but hopefully people got pictures that make them feel this way too
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>simpler, yet more enjoyable times
Just how was the Sony PlayStation 2 SO based?
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Food papes

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From the delicious to the aesthetic, bring on the food.
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Which albums make you feel comfy and relaxed with life?
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Picture you took

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Post a picture that you yourself have taken that you feel would be a cool wallpaper. This one I took a couple weeks ago, the bumble bee didn't seem to mind me being up close to him. Thanks

RetroFuturism - JetAge and Beyond

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I don't have many good ones to start off with.

Looking for getting a collection going to showcase the days of tomorrow, as was seen in the past.

Not really a cyberpunk or dystopian future, but one full of new designs, new technology, the space race having put stuff up in L3/4/5 orbit, just things that never happened.

50's and 60's scifi art sort of, but also cars, fashion, architecture. Anything that fits the theme