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Pixelated papes

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Desktop and phone papes welcome
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Berserk Wallpapers

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Post berserk wallpapers (bonus for phone papes)
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Paintings wallpapers

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more like this, basically anything with paintins
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Old Newspapers/Headlines/Pictures

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Anything that has black ink only and comes from something that looks like a newspaper. Papes with large images that take up most of the space like pic related is most desirable.

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so i played around in ph with gradients and made this

want me to do some more?
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Retro Sci fi, Star Trek is welcomed
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Comfy interiors

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Bonus points if it has incandescent lights + wooden interior
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Classic Pin-Ups

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Just what the title says, 30's-60's era pinups in the original hand drawn style. Anime and cartoon characters are cool as well, provided they are in the same style as the original pin-ups.
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Please post fictional computer screens

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Scandalously But Safe

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Let me post a couple so you guys get what I'm looking for.
Sexy, and as close to nude, but quite nude.
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