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Let's get a music-themed thread started
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More like this
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Chilean photographer, posted a couple of months ago when I had been dealing with depression for a very long time and stopped posting after suicide attempt.

I’ve got some new photos, hope you like them.
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Anti-Tolerance Wallpapers
Pro-Kekistan/Anti-Antifa/-Feminism Wallpapers .. All free for your needs ...
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comic 1/?
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Hi everyone, I am looking for black/green wallpapers in 1920x1080 Resolution. HD preferred. Do you have some?
The ones Google spits out aren't really my thing.
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Cats :3

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Can I have some papes with cats? :3
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Colorful Images

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Hey, i share my folder. Things i found here a long time ago, but i believe it is worth reposting
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Does anyone else prefer just using a solid color for all their wallpapers?

Pic related, took 10 seconds to make in Paint.
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Horror/Sci fi movies

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But mainly horror movies please
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