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Glitch art and similar

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Ansi art is also allowed i have a lot of glitch art and ansi art (what is really hard to find a nice wallpaper cause the art style is mostly vertical). But i hope some of you fine anons can appreciate what i have found here and all over the internet. And maybe edit or download them.
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/comfy/ Lake Cabin edition

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Time for another edition of /comfy/. When I was young my family would rent a lakefront cottage for a week every summer and just spend the week swimming, reading and playing games. So this thread is for comfy lake cabins, although comfy secluded mountain cabins are also acceptable.

I'll post what I have although I don't have as many related to this theme as I sometimes do. As usual, I just request that we keep it to real photographs and nothing animated or digitally created.
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Welcome to the IMT! We are here to help.
All wallpaper, and most image, modification requests are welcome, but within reason, as this is not >>>/b/, >>>/r/ or >>>/w/imt.
• ALWAYS REVERSE IMAGE SEARCH before you ask us for help. See the /wg/ sticky.
• EXPLAIN YOUR REQUEST IN DETAIL. Details help us get you the image that you want.
• STATE SPECIFIC DESIRED IMAGE SIZE, (ex., 1920 x 1080). "Bigger," "higher," "fit my phone," and the like, are NOT sizes.
• KNOW YOUR SCREEN RESOLUTION before you ask for help. Google/Bing/DDG Phone model + "resolution".
• UPLOAD AND LINK to an image hosting site, such as, if your image is too small to post. DO NOT add white space OR stretch/shrink your picture.
• DO NOT post images unless they need to be modified or are the answer to a request.
• BE POLITE. Try to use proper spelling and grammar.
• CORRECT word choice (ex.: transparency/cut-out/render) is not as important as DETAILS in a request.
• DO NOT harass people. HELP when they ask for an edit or let others deal with the request.
>Want to talk to a modifier? - select a name and chat
• Tools we use Photoshop, GIMP, Paint.NET, PIXLR, MSpaint, and luck...
>4chan Image/Thread Limitations
• Images SMALLER than 480x600 pixels DO NOT post. (1000x599 or 479x1000 will NOT work)
• Images LARGER than 6MB will NOT post.
• Supported file types are: GIF, JPG, PNG, WEBM
• Maximum file size allowed is 6 MB
• Thread Post Bump Limit - 300 +OP
• We recommend NOT posting NSFW images. /wg/ has always been SFW (ignoring the default Yotsuba theme). Moderators have started ENFORCING this rule.
>Archived Threads
Previous thread: >>7422860
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>Ctrl+F "Fallout"
>"0 Results Found"
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Rick and Morty please :)
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Godzilla King of the Monsters

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I know this movie wasn't great, but can we just admire how fucking stunning the visuals are?!
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The Open Road / The Path Ahead

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Wallpapers that feature roads, highways, footpaths, whatever in the foreground that make you want to travel into the picture
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Towards An Objective Classificatio of SFW, NSFW and the Many Shades of Gray Between

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Before we get started, we're NOT trying to rewrite the sticky or impose our ideas of what should or shouldn't get posted in any thread. You're going to do what you want anyway (this is 4Chan after all) and we're probably going to get roasted for even posting this, but if fear of getting flamed prevented us from posting, we wouldn't last very long on this or any board here.

Anyhow, having said that, we notice there's a lot of controversy and disagreement concerning pictures of women and what should or shouldn't get posted or what constitutes "SFW, "NSFW," etc., and what is or isn't "tasteful" In all humility, we humbly offer our own opinion (which you're free to ignore and probably will).

It's all very subjective (evil's in the hole of the behinder) and one person's art is another person's porn, but we offer the following thoughts to objectively suggest some discreet categories.

We suggest there are several categories of images, especially of females:

1. NSFW - The Rules posted on the home board state "Please keep adult-oriented pictures and the likes off of this (/wg/) board." Hard-core porn and extremely explicit photos are generally not well received and shouldn't be posted here - try /s/, /hr/, or /hc/ if you want to share that stuff. There's nothing wrong with it, /wg/ is just not the place.

Not that nudity should be banned here altogether. We'd be banned for life if that was the case. In threads clearly marked "NSFW," we propose that it should be okay to show full-frontal male and female nudity, but not to depict explicit sexual activity, insertions, or extreme closeups of genitalia. There are other boards for that. But there should be threads for those who want to spice up their private, non-work screens with large-format pictures of fully naked women (or men). We're thinking here of a lot of the pictures that run on sites like FemJoy, Hegre, Suicide Girls, etc.

Goddammit - comment "too long." We have to pick this up in a follow-up post.
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Dark/Satanic Art
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>papes you got from outside of this board
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