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Stan Lee Memorial

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Well folks... we lost another great one today. Stan Lee was simply an artist, but his work unarguably changed the world. I remember the first time I saw him, it was after one of his Spiderman cartoons when he talked about creating the character. So post anything that shows your respect towards the man.

Passing Time

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I've developed an obsession with time recently. Post some papes you feel shows time passing.
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Nature Papes you've taken

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Nature Wallpapers, more specifically ones you have taken yourself
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Anything programming related would be nice :)
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industrial/engineering wallpapers

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War paper

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I'll dump some band wallpapers, feel free to join as well
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SFW Nude Smartphone Wallpapers

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Self-explained title


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Miyazaki / Ghibli thread

(I'd like some cool Nausicaa and Mononoke wp)
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