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/pol/-general VIII

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let's have one thread for /pol/ related stuff including
>third way/third position
>natsoc waifus
>other right wing ideologies are welcome

it's bad optics to spam this board with our sub categories.

THE ARCHIVES: >>>/t/847309

Fashwave Archive:

old thread:>>7551910
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Corporate papes

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>Real or fictional companies
>Somewhat minimal
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Meta Discussion

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Hello! Let's talk about the topic of wallpaper collecting. Here are some questions to start with:
>How many wallpapers do you have?
>How do you organise them?
>Have you got any backups up?
>Can you remember the first wallpaper you saved from /wg/?
>Any recommendations for wallpaper sites?
>Do it is acceptable to say "papes"?
>Is Rainmeter really worth it?

pic related, one of the earliest wallpapers I saved from /wg/
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The Magical World of Clipping

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A simple but still cool and creepy looking photoshop. The template is the thumbnail for the Clipping Inside Out music video, and the head is from The Magical World of Ania web series.

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Graphic Designer here, also bored and will photoshop anything to existance, or edit anything you want into a full wallpaper.
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A gentle apocalypse, the kind that make you feel empty rather than scared for the outcome.
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Powerful fight poses
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Underwater Natural Landscapes

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Anything underwater, I´m insipired by seaweed lately but any natural landscape seen underwater is cool.
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Wallpapers of a soldier/soldiers

stuff like pic related

no paintings no computer art just raw pictures

black and white only
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