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Looking for more papes revolving around either the crusades, or Christian ideology in general. Everything holy, even including architecture porn of famous chapels, is welcome.
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ITT we post chess-themed wallpapers
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Black & White Second World War Wallpapers?

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Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the art style that artist renders apply to armoured vehicles but nothing beats high res black and white photos, am I right?
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Fucked up art

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weird/fucked up artistic wallpapers, dump what you got you fucking nerds
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Just beat Persona 5, looking for some nice papes. Bonus points for Catherine
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Ass papes

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Been a while...don't have many if any to share, will post what have.

ples halp
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anyone got any abandoned places and darker tone atmospheric wallpapers?

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So i noticed this image was actually backwards today when i was with a buddy, aka he spotted it cause fuck it i didn really care till now... can anyone quickly and easily mirror this? idk lol seems odd but i thought this was my best place to turn. trying to see if anything makes sense now that im turning it around
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Courtyard appreciation thread

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Anyone have cool/comfy courtyard pictures? Preferably with no people on them.
Fantasy stuff is encouraged but no CGI pls.
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