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Good old, boring wall wallpapers

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Stone walls, wood walls, rusty metal plates, maybe some textiles too, old, exfoliating paint.
You get the idea. Something that isn't too distracting (low contrast, no fancy objects, typically dark, or at least not saturated to shits), but is still nice enough to look at.
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Post Apo

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Looking for inspiration for a rp
Bonus point for non desertical ones !
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comfy fantasy thread

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anything with a similar spirit to these
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Papes that give you chills or mesmerize you.
Bonus if you post a cool song along with it.
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Lavender Wallpaper Thread

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Post your best lavender wallpapers.
Bonus if they have a little wooden house or similar in the background.
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Anything with penguins.
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iPhone 11 Pro Max Wallpapers

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Looking for 4K wallpapers that will fit the 11 Pro Max screen
Most anything I find isn’t the best resolution or size to fit the screen properly so I’m turning to you guys
Thank you in advance

Jim Henson thread

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The Muppets, Sesame Street, Fraggle Rock, Labyrinth, The Dark Crystal... if the Henson Company was behind it, post it.

Pop art

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