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make me feel happy
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Cozy Night Scenes

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Cities, Roads, Forests, as long as it's night. I need some more.
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S u i c i d e

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Ayy, I don't know if here is the right place for this but oh well.
Will a fall from 12 stories onto grass kill me?? (only building I can easily throw myself from is surrounded by grass) - If not could anyone suggest a better, more convenient way for me to kms please and thanks.
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Depressing Wallpapers

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I want to die bros. I don't know why I'm saying it here, but no ones listening. They think it's just an ironic meme and even encourage it. I'm just feeling really depressed and in a shit mood I guess. Post your depressing wallpapers
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General Fantasy Papes

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General fantasy-themed papes? I only have a few to start.
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Minimal Wallpapers

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any fiery papes?
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Size Difference Thread

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Anything with a large was small aspect.
Dragons giants mechs monuments creatures etc.
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