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Hi guys, its my 23rd birthday today. Pls post your 23rd wallpaper
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hey guys what's up? haven't posted in here in a while and was looking to see if anyone had any cosy/ comfy 2840x1080 wallpapers. as I've recently obtained a new monitor but yaknow can't live without my love for cosy vibes
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black and red
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Books and Libraries

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I only have a few walls with this theme, but I'd like to build my collection. Post any book/library/lit related wallpapers.

I'll start with a few of what I have.
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eco-fascism please

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more like this
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Groups of girls

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Preferably asian beauties. Sadly only have one good wallpaper to share.
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Shitpost wallpapers that you can leave up for 1-2 months
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ITT: Star Wars wallpapers
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