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Comfy Japan papes.
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Depressing Text

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Anyone got any papes like pic related. Preferably with small bits of text.
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vintage sci-fi/retro-futurism

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Custom Credit Card

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Hey, I am about getting custom card and I dont know what to put on it, looking for photos like: drugs, alcohol, fine womens, moneeyyy and rich lifestyle at all. + for good resolution ofc
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My new chink phone arrived just a few days ago. Last one was stolen by a fat latino robber.

Gimme your best spess themed phone-sized wallpapes, please?
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Current wallpaper, more like this pls
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Just got done getting Nova on my new phone and messing around a bit. Which theme that I've made should I go with??
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hey /wg/ i've been assigned the task of designing a restaurant menu for a class project. post your high res delicious foods, veggie dishes most preferred but not required, thanks!
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Science papes, post em
saw a thread like this a while ago but i didnt have the opportunity to save some cool wallapapers so post your best science papes
(pic not related because i dont have any science papes)
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Godzilla Papes

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I especially want any Shin Godzilla papes