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Weird stylized anime

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Post some like this please.
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All pink papes welcome
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Japan-ish wallpapers

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Hey there,
I was wondering if some of you could share their "Japanese" wallpapers, basically anything besides mangas, like landscapes, buildings, writings, whatever.
Thanks in advance!
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Interchange Wallpapers

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May be an odd question, but does anyone have highway/interstate interchange wallpapers or hi-res images?

thanks in advance
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Space Wallpapers

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I didn't see a dedicated space thread in the catalog so I'm starting one.

My favorite type of pape. Try to keep the ridiculously photo shopped ones out, but bumps are always welcome.
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/Animals/ general

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Dump whatever you have
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Movie/TV Stills

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Rick & Morty

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Are there any good Rick and Morty Wallpapers out there?
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Killing nazis and bullying fagitler into suicide is fun, FUN!
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