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marvel/dc wallpapers

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Hip Hop / Rap Wallpapers

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Haven't seen a hip hop / rap thread in a while. I need some new dope papes.
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Looking for some happy gifs

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Talked to a gril I liked and found out it's mutual, give me your best/most upbeat gifs. In a great mood tonight
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Sexy Wallpapers

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Slavery and censorship

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Freedom of speech is a law. Social media is scourging truth, and leaving hate rhetoric open for all to see. If you don't know, we have a "strawman" given to us at birth. A strawman is a person of no substance, a dead legal fiction. It is our CAPITAL LETTER NAME on our birth certificate, our commerce correspondence, and there is a great story behind the history that brought this to be. The federal reserve is the main culprit here. John F. Kennedy spoke of an evil plot to enslave every man, woman and child. He was subsequently assassinated. It's hard to believe I was duped into not knowing I had a dead person tagging along with me. (Strawman) It's never been shown in school, and this is pretty important. I mean, it's only every single person in the country that is affected by it. Everyone is dragged down from the get go, bonded and traded on the open market with our benefit hidden behind lies and secrecy. and we're told to focus elsewhere as the root of our problem. The media being wildly bias towards everyone but the people, is it any wonder we have folks who think this can't be possible. We have a new distraction all the time. It tripped me out, learning about my strawman. The truth is in the history books. 1933 bankruptcy and 26th congress. Look before they are erased, things are changing, Wake up and talk to each other. Spend a moment in brotherhood and look for yourselves and inform those who are close to you. We are one people, all given inalienable rights. We all still have them, we always will. How can we do what is right if those who can don't talk to us to work together. We are not a mob, we have one goal, and it is starting to get really obvious. Peaceful in every endeavor, as nothing can be done out of chaos. We can't deny this strawman anymore. Youtube social media censorship is real, let's see how long this stays up, look while you can and spread the truth as it comes by the grace of god. Much love.
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ITT post a wallpaper and a greentext story related to that wallpaper. The greentext can be any topic, but there are bonus points for a "feels" one. I'll start:

>have repeated for the second time a school year
>have no will or passion for studying or any hobby
>summer is ending and I didn't do shit to feel proud of
>the last week of august, my family (dad, mom and I) go to my uncle's apartment on the beach
>you can say that the zone is still very virgin, something to really be proud of in my country (a clusterfuck of tourists)
>fourth day of the week
>we had lunch
>mom and I have a walk
>mom wants to tell me something
>mom has to emigrate outside of the country for job
>she tells me that she could be away a long time (never specified)
>remain in silence for the rest of the walk
>at the apartment a storm of feelings fuck my mind really hard
>decide to take a walk by myself
>climb up a little hill and start crying like there's no tomorrow
>feel like I'm worth shit and that nobody would count on me for something because I have no interest in anything
>stay there crying for some long time until the sunset arrives
>look at the sunset
>after 15 minutes I feel my mind clear for the first time in 3 years

The funny thing is that this wallpaper got me by surprise, as the scene embodied looks very accurate to that episode. Even the clouds have the same freaking shape.
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Generic/non-rice desktop thread?
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wallpapers that make good video game concepts
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More pictures like this please

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21st birthday here. Give me your 21st paper
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