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2B is cool. Any JRPG related wallpapers
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I like wallpapers that are simple but unique here is mine
>pic related
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Can we have a nice Mineral thread?

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Apandoned papes

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Anything abandoned goes
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Elder Scrolls

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In the name of Talos, I beseech thee to post Lore-heavy Elder Scrolls papes.

PC or PHONE format. Both are welcome.
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/[as]/ - Adult Swim Bumps

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Kind of a niche market but I'm sharing what I have hoping somebody out there has more.

For those of you looking for a little early 2000's nostalgia:
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LoZ wallpaper

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Looking for a nice Wallpaper with Link in hes Shinobi outfit from breath of the wild.

Feel free to post other cool LoZ wallpapers aswell, they are more then welcome.

Picture somewhat related.
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Cowboy Bebop

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Finished watching this show and wanted some papes
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