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Mr. Robot Thread

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Can we have some cool Mr. Robot Wallpapers?!
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Wallpapers with Circles
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G R I S Wallpapers

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Someone have any more?
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Yakuza related wallpapers

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Bright Blue/Summery/Tropical Wallpapers

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Naval/Nautical/Seafaring wallpapers

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I'm getting a new phone in a couple of days and want to give it a classy look.
Would love to collect some nice themed wallpapers. Doesn't have to be photos, paintings or anything else that fits the theme is welcome too.
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These are a series of wallpapers I've just made, they're using my own photographs.

I would like an input, was thinking perhaps the backgrounds needed more texture but wasn't what to put.
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Ninja stuff? anyone?
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I have a couple of original wallpapers i've been using for a while. Not anime, but its manga related, 18+.
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