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What about green papes?

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I realized that I don't have a lot of greenish wallpapers!

please help me fill this gap!
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Blue Wallpapers

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anything blue
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Post anything related to the ocean. Extra ponits for surfing papes and comfy pics.
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Peace, I am looking for Basic mid-2000s PC wallpapers like the one attached. Any suggestions would be great.


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What's on your mind?

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Share your thoughts
last thread is getting archived
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I just turned 23 anons, let's see your 23rd wallpapers :)

many thanks!


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Paintings of cities, battles, soldiers and landscapes of the ancient world. Can be fictional. No encyclopedia drawings please. Both great historical artists and fan art are welcome.
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vaporwave aesthetic

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can we get some vaporwave type of pictures? aesthetic vinyl included
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