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Anyone have any good Doki Doki Literature Club wallpapers? I already have the 8 that came with the pack so if you have any other ones, it would be much appreciated.
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Badass Rappers

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Horror, Creepy & Dark Papes

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For example stuff related to Lovecraft, Demons/Occultism and Necromancy
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Hyper Beast

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Brock Hofer has got some crazy shit going on. I only have a few high-res papes to share, so if anyone else has any, it would be appreciated!
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beautiful ladies native 4k walls

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help me collect more!
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More like this

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Anyone got papes similar to these?
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WoW Screens

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I'm gonna dump a folder of old screenshots from back when I played WoW the hardest, which is wrath. Much of these are from all over the game at the time though. Hope they bring a little enjoyment and nostalgia.
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Wallpapers for Mobile

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You save, you lose.
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Science and Education

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Everything related to science/academics, or just anything remotely informative
lifehacks are ok, too
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