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Could /wg/ help me source this wallpaper on the phone?
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Stellar connection

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Hi there,, I dont usually post here i only steal papes... But i want to share this story since i feel inspired and you might get it... Yasterday i went to some sort of PR conference in my city - theree i've met this girl... We talked and clicked - so we went further to have some beers in the city... We chilled and i started to realize all these coincidences that connect us. Literally we said the same words in the same time 5 times, and few times she said out loud exactly the phrase which I was thinking. We like same stuff like and have very much in common. We ended up in her dorm room talking for 3/4 more hours., nothing sexual hapenned but it really was not my intention to do anything and she is really not that phisically appealing to me, however her mind is fabulous and i really felt like i was enchanted... I feel like i have met female version of myself.

Give me some papes to fuel my feeling of inspiration with this interesting encounter.

I wish you all a great and beautiful day.

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Don't know what to call this but post wallpapers like this

Japan Anime/8-bit Art Style Phone Wallpapers

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alien planet landscapes

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super niche subject line for a super niche wallpaper style. let's see those crazy extraplanetary scapes!
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Hot Black Girl Wallpapers

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Hot Black Chicks / Dark Girls Post em here
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scary or weird wallpapers
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Spoopy Thread Time

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It's 1st October so it's basically Halloween
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Phone wallpapers
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