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>no mountains thread
>no nature thread
>no landscapes thread
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So this is not really about motivation or discipline.
After he first 5 minutes I am usually fine for hours but the first 5 seconds getting started can take the whole day.
post pictures (or really short, not to lame quotes if you have to) that symbolise the feeling of doing the first step, overcoming inertia. the initial push that has to be done agin and again....
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Its my 23rd birthday and I'm feelin' fine. Post your 23rd wallapaper, no matter what it is.
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Dump random wallpapers from your folder,
who knows what we'll find in here.
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Have been using this wallpaper for a while now to organize my desktop. Does anyone have something similar

Wholesome Trad papers

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Post some satanic, blasphemic and/or dark wallpaper.
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beautiful women: phone wp edition

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aquaristic wallpapers

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anything fishy goes
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