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Washington DC

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Anyone have any good DC papes?
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Post a random wallpaper from your folder or post your current wallpaper.

Gonna just post randoms for a while
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Dumping my whole folder. Looking for Dank 4k Earthporn

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Prepare for DOOMPING
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urban enviornments

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no basic skylines please.
post something interesting
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Night Driving wallpapers

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need some papes, preferably phone, but desktop is cool too
need some shit that feels like roads and locations you'd pass on a long drive through the night, like actual locations i'd pass while listening to synthwave after work, not the outrun vector stuff
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Where are you from
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Livestream Papes

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Before you ask: Lively Wallpaper
Now let's begin

Tokyo Live Camera
My favourite and the one I'm using currently
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Fantasy Girls

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Witches, elves, demoness, warriors and anything related to fantasy and girls.
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Flavour change.

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Post the pair of before / after backgrounds which you have modified to your personal taste.
(Sample pair incoming.)