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Some photoshop shenanigans pls

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Hello /b I came in a time of great need
I have this man and he wants to make an political poster quite memes any kind of content is appreciated pls help /b/ I can't find a better place to ask

Girls with Subtle Presence

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Wallpapers where girls are in them, but they don't dominate the focus or take up the whole screen.
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Violently neon thread
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Post something that relates to what you like to do in your free time. (On a side note these girl threads need to go on a different board coomers)
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Image, DC, Marvel, any and all are welcome

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More phone wallpapers like these

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I usually don't start generals (I usually don't post at all), but I'm piggy-backing off of >>7516632

Anyway I wanted opinions on my first attempt at modding.

Space, universe, galaxies, planets, stars, NASA, SpaceX e etc

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Universe related, I want to feel small.
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tarot & astrology

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minor or major arcana, anything astrology related as well. be daring and post ur birth chart hehehe
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Sad and lonely papers

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