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Peaceful Near-Night Landscapes

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Every landscape are beautiful in their own ways, but I have a little something for when the sky is in between the day and the night.

I believe, no matter who and where we are, this is when we, as mere mortals, find out how small and of little significance we are for this gigantic and handsome place that is the universe.

Post some pics such as pic related. No matter if this is photorealistic or just a painting, and if there are people admiring it or not. I just want to see beautiful skies and lands near twilight or dawn, where you would typicaly hear the sound of a faint wing and the sound of distant crickets.
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Fantasy landscape thread
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I found this image in a thread here.Do you have images like that?

Cartoon papes

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Classic, modern, fan-made, etc
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ITT: NASA wallpapers
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A request - fashwave wp

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Apologies in advance

I am looking for a Death's Head over a test pattern, with "We'll be Right Back" printed over it.

I'd appreciate anyone in possession of it sharing.

Here are a couple of good ones.

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40k warhammer papes

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Cute Repeating Pattern papes like pics related.

something christmas/winter related would be nice
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