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Jimi Hendrix wallpapers

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i don't have any great wallpapers but i just wanna say i love this board

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everyone is respectful (for the most part)
and it's just people chilling with some nice photos
good job guys

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Uncle Addie Wallpapers <3
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misty/foggy papes, bonus points for forests and mountains but urban areas are acceptable
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Nature and Rustic thread

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Post anything involving either a green or vintage vibe, everything from small towns, logging, abandoned reclaimed building, camping, hunting, all the way to untouched rivers and dense forests. if it's green or brown it fits.
Preferably Pacific Northwest mountainous type of Geography and climate but even deserts are fine.
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Y2K Futurism thread

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Post Y2K futuristic aesthetics

The great Wave off Kanagawa ALTS

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hey folks I'm looking for basically every alternate art of this great painting, Ill post the ones i have
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