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wallpaper clear

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Someone have this wallpaper?
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I am watching HBO miniseries chernobyl and this pic related for, second Ep got my attention can some one make this into wallpaper. the image I got is not that perfect. 1366x768 would be nice.

Sense of Impending Doom

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This month started terribly, and seems like it will only get worse. I'd like this month's wallpaper to reflect that.
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Anything with rockets or space.. Nothing fictitious please.
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Drugs thread: weed coke heroin mdma ect.
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Female breasts partially covered by long hair
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Save one post +1.

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Favorite scenes in animation

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I don't even like anime, or Gundam, that much, but this first few minutes of Gundam Unicorn really blew me away.
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Original Edits

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I wanted to dump some of my original edits for anyone who might be interested in them. Feel free to drop any that you have made. Hope you enjoy!
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Small vs. Large

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Something small facing off against something much larger, that it should reasonably have no chance against.
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