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post wallpapers with trains in em
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Liberty Thread

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Revolutionary/freedom/libertarian walls. Keep it on topic please
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Fully clothed adult women not drawn for the purpose of being sexy

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Might be a bit specific, but just fully clothed women drawn without any sexual intent. As long as they are drawn, fully clothed and have normal body proportions, that's cool. Many examples in the comments.
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Left Wing/Labourwave Papes

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All left-wing papes welcome. Anarchist, Marxist, whatever you got. No lib shit
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Posting what I feel like, if you save please post similar if ya got em
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Looking for depressing stuff, or images that just put you in a somber mood/feel a bit lonely.

I'll post what I got.
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Europe in spring/summer

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Europe is so beautiful in spring/summer, why doesn't anybody post any wallpapers.
If you know, please add the place the picture is from.
Black forest, Freiburg, southern germany
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Offical government wallpapers

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looking for official wallpapers used by various governments and their branches from around the world