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aesthetic Leftism thread
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Minimalistic phone papes

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Photos Taken By Yourself

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I want some random photos that can be used as wallpapes.
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Medieval Cities and Architecture Thread

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Post your castles, monasteries and medieval city centres! Photos only.
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Current Desktop

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I read the sticky, and checked ever page...

Been years since I've seen a current desktop thread-

besides gotta give the mods on this thread something to do~

Mine circa 2009:
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walls that have a story to tell

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what does the red button do?
Open the door? Incinerate the room? Open an airlock?
Or was the button already pressed and it closed the door trapping him inside?
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Can we get some 21:9 3440x1440 pepes?

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Just got a 3440x1440 monitor, gotta get some pepes guys
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Music Papes. Anything music related

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No music papes thread? Let's change that
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Dream Room/House

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Post papes of your dream house/room.
Papes of neighborhoods or streets with houses also welcome
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