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it aint me
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America papes
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current papes

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post your current papes, /wg/.
>i'll start
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/jpg/- Japanese Papes General

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The beginning of Autumn edition.

>Shit for newfucks:
This is a thread dedicated to landscapes, cities and items related to japan.
/wg/ is not /wsr/ so please post a topic related image along with the question.
No bitching, blogging or b8.
If you see something off topic just report it instead of giving shitposters attention.
Please do not spam the thread with Initial D LARP. One or two images are fine but I promise you no one looking for Japanese wallpapers wants to see 100 pictures of your clapped out silvia. /o/ related shit & Japanese cars should be in their own respective threads.
Imperial Japan or WWII shit?
Wan't /a/nime shit? Don't post it here.
The following crossboard links will take you to two respective boards that cover anime images.
"lololololz /jpg/, how2lern /jp/neez?"
>>>/jp/djt (sometimes)


Reverse Image Search:

Image manipulation:

>Quality Twitter source material:

>Last thread:
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/mu/ wallpapers

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album covers, logos, etc.
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Battlestation thread, post your setups.

Previous Thread: >>7631556
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it's time for Halloween wallpapers
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Landscape Art

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Renaissance and baroque style paintings have always been my favorite.
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2560x1440 only!

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I just got new monitors and need some 2560x1440 papes. Post what you got!

bonus points for dark color papes
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post wallpapers that make you nostalgic
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