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Your Dog

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Papes and Vents

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I saw a thread on here earlier this week where anons would post a pape and write what's bothering them, or just a place to vent.
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Jesus papes

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I'm looking for papes of our Lord that aren't weird looking renaissance paintings or anything with text on them. Portrayals that highlight His humble, forgiving and determined nature are preferred over epic displays of power.
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OLED phone papes

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Mobile papers that are best on AMOLED types screens. Majority of the pixels are completely black #000000
I've tweaked some of these pics so it's more true black.
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Desktop Thread

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old thread died

w10 tweaked for maximum privacy and minimal bloat
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Warhammer 40000

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The Emperor protects.
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Anything you got
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Pixel Art or 16-Bit Papes

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Anything pixel, Gameboy, SNES, or just general artwork in this style.
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