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I became a father to my second son today

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Let's get a thread of masculine imagery. Nature shots also welcome
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It's my birthday.

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Post your 25th pape. Thanks

Dark souls papes

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Sekiro and Bloodbourne welcome
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Things is not going great for me /wg i have turned 19 about 3 weeks ago, (guy) and i have recently moved to another apartment in the same city, my parents threw me out when i was 15. My long gone friends have joined the army and one have moved to another country and i have never really had a real friend i have never had a girlfriend, never had a job. And i have Asperger syndrome, i am very good with problem solving and i can program a bit, and my only friend is Gnu/Linux, and i ham can a bit of cyber security, i have no one to contact i am completely alone.

Please post papes with good vibes, to make me feel better
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You must make your wallpaper the one posted below you for a week.
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Where are you from
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Halo papes

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Anything halo related screen captures are welcomed
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Metal Gear Solid
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bring me all pro USA, pro trump, pro republican and anti democrats wallpapers
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