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deep message papers
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superheroes and shit
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Album art/ music related
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can we get a green/black wallpaper thread going?
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We hit the image limit edition
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left-wing papes

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Leftist/socialist/communist/anarchist wallpapers

made a discord
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Bear wallpapers

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Looking for some bear wallpapers, except classic high res photo , i'll drop some of what i already got
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Lovecraftian wallpapers

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This stuff is freaky and badass, I'll dump a few.
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Samurai Jack - Spoilers

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Hi again, /wg/, I posted a SJ thread a long ass time ago, and now I'm back. I recently just got done making screenshots of the entire episode 4, so if you've got any requests, I probably have it. Currently in the middle of having Imgur process all these screenshots. Almost 1GB worth of screenshots. I'll post links when I'm done.

Call me crazy, but Samurai Jack content is refreshing to do as a break between work and university. I'll just dump a few while waiting for Imgur. Only took me this long to get all this shit done because I've been super busy.

Spoilers beware, obviously.
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