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Women in Videogames #6

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Same as the last ones, this thread is dedicated to Women and Girls in videogames and related media.

Just follow the basics:

1) Has a female prominently pictured
2) Is videogame related

Fanart, redesigns, gender swapping and crossovers are of course most welcome. Cosplayers, streamers, and pro-gamers are also fair game.

Have fun people <3
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/vgg/ - Video Games General #38

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Welcome to /wg/'s videogames general thread, /vgg/ for short.
Post any wallpapers here for whatever you're currently playing. Or whatever you want to share, or request.

Previous Threads:

Want something that was posted before? Threads dropped off 4chan can be found in the archive:
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Francophilia Thread

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Anything related to France/French History. Socialist, republican, catholic, and monarchist papes are all welcome.
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space pape papes

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>wtf no space pape pape threads?
papes about space papes
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This goddamn board needs moderation
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Hey guys, it's my 25th birthday today. Post your 25th wallpaper, or any other wallpaper you want. If you guys have any phone wallpapers that have anime-style girls as the main subject, but aren't blatantly anime stuff, I'd also appreciate those.
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apple wallpaper I made in blender

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only took about 5 minutes, cant think of anything to improve, what does everyone think?
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Satanist/Occult wallpaper thread.

(Christshits and mudslimes fuck off, you are not welcomed itt)
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