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NSFW Color Splash Thread
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OC from Chile

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Ok so here´s the story, over a course of 3 years I've downloaded about 100 wallpapers from here, I'm from chile and I'm also a photographer, so I will be posting my best shots from my private collection.

Why do I do this? I just want people to see what I've done, I am suffering from a really bad depression and I'm afraid of leaving this world without showing every one what I did first.

Look at me /wg/, no hands.
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cooking papes

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everything about cooking
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Melancholy Comfy

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Rain,Nights,Fields, Nature,Snow,Cities,Forests or anything like pic related just nothing bright
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Anything like this

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Im not really sure what the style is but anything with lots of stuff happening and lots of bright colours will do
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Posting some nice screenshots I've taken of the new Samurai Jack episodes of which I'm using for backgrounds. Any and all Samurai Jack wallpapers welcome, and if you've taken some excellent screenshots that are background worthy, do share, I can't catch all the good moments myself.

Been so long since I've been on /wg/, screenshots are allowed, right?

>I promise they're high quality and pleasing to the eye, babe
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Fashwave thread
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SEA papes

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Post anything from Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, etc)

Im gonna start with some OC
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