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Empty phone? New papes.

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This thread is where Im dumping papes for my bros new phone. YOU CANT USE EM YOU GUYS THEYRE FOR HIM ONLY. Jk jk. Feel free to take as many as you want.
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just looking for some dark forest, black metal papes.
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Post your current wallpaper
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Old school fantasy/dnd style art?

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This one from diablo
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post setups
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Phone/mobile thread

You know how it is. If you saved a wallpaper you liked go ahead and post one. Try to keep it fresh and share new papes. High resolutions are more than welcome.

Lessss gooool
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Classic Art Thread

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post your best, most beautiful wallpapers of classic art
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ITT: Utopia / Futuristic / Hope/Solar Punk / Space Civilization
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Fantasy pape roulette

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My generic fantasy folder has reached the 999th image.
So, you call a number between 002 and 999 and I will post the correspondent pape

>fantasy papes belonging to a franchise (game of thrones, lord of the ring ecc) have their own folder and aren't in this one

>if the pape is too big or too small to be posted here I'll try to provide the source instead

>I would really appreciate if you could help me identify the sourceless pape (artist name, franchise ecc)
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Papes for Independence Day
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