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Post pics of the city/village you live in.
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Libertarian/ancap thread

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hippity hoppity get of my property
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Phone Walls - Save One, Post One

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Got my XA1 ultra the other day, thought I'd lost the walls I've accumulated. Save one, post one? Show me what you've got!
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Pursuit Of The Perfect Wallpaper

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I have been searching for the Perfect Wallpaper since 2010 to no avail. Help me end that search, bros.

>pic almost related
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Hi /wg/,

Let's have an inspirational/motivational pape thread. Anything that could be or is your mojo, anything that reflects your philosophy, anything that makes you want to go further.

Also, what if we drop some quotes which belongs to the abovementioned charachteristics but which haven't got a dedicated pape ?

I'm French speaking so i'll drop the French version and try to find a good translation. I'll bump with this and a few papes.

"Lucidity without the corrective of ambition leads to stagnation. It is essential that the one sustain the other, that the one combat the other without winning for a work, for a life to be possible."

Emil Cioran
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Whoever uploaded this wallpaper here, you helped some guy get famous hahaha

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Left-Wing Wallpapers

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Post socialist/communist papes pls.
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Took some pics over my Thanksgiving vacation, they make good wallpapers imo

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Proceeding to dump
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Fallout Themed Backgrounds?

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