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Battlestation Thread

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>>7399026 Since the last one died

I gave my setup a little upgrade especially with the new mouse and more LEDs, looking to get a new keyboard soon
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lets see what you have
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Water theme

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Dark/morbid/desolate atmospheric

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Graveyards, abandoned shit, night, decay, desolation, the more real the better. Movie stuff might be okay, game stuff probably not. Papes that pull you in, stuff that would feel scary to be in.

No people or animals unless they are VERY indistinct/incidental. No "halloween", no "horror", no cartoonish stuff, no cheesy stuff, no zombies vampires ghosts monsters etc., no fantasy (unless it really strikes the feel), no post-apocalyptic (i love it but it doesn't fit here). I wanna say no forests but really I just don't want forests to take over the thread.

Moving slow but I'll be contributing.
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Wallpapers you zoned out and imagine yourself in

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/dt/ - Desktop Thread

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>not a single nature thread in the entire catalog
This board used to be good.
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Clown wallpapers

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Can we get another fashwave thread going?
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