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It's my 20th birthday, I've accomplished pretty much nothing.
Anyways post your 20th pape
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Phone Wallpapers

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How do you have your phones set up?
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I had this wallpaper about 2 years ago, added rainmeter and rocket duck on top of it. Can anyone find me the original?
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In need of wallpapers of paintings like this. Trying to make a dope slideshow background that invoke actual feelings of desperation or sadness.
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I've been looking for this particular wallpaper for ages.

It looks similar to pic related. Its a couple of jets flying over a distant big city. I'm not sure what city it is and I dont know the plane model. If someone has it, please consider posting it, it's beautiful
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moar album cover wallpapers like this plz
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Are we tired of Battlestation threads yet?

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Image related.

You know the drill.
Post your battlestations.
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Shemale Wallpapers

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I'll start. Post what you've got.
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Simple Humor

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Looking for papes with a simple design but a touch of humor to them.
They're not the greatest masterpieces, but they always manage to make me chuckle.
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