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ITT Nazi Wallpapers
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Japan-themed wallpapers.
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First Wallpapers

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Post the first wallpaper you ever saved.

>pic related
It doesn't even fit my screen.
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cozy desktop thread

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post your cozy (only) desktops
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Feels thread and whatnot

kill me already

if you recognize pic related (OC) I'll be proud
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I just turned 30 and fucking hate the way I've wasted my life. Post your 30th pape or whatever.
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ITT: People in action

I only want pictures of people who are actively doing something, not just posing in front of the camera trying to look pretty.

I'll post some examples:
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how about some planes?
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Tasteful erotic wallpapers
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/comfy/ Urban Edition

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Anything that captures that beautiful isolation, loneliness, and anonymity of city life.

Don't find city life comfy? Then this thread probably won't be one that you'll enjoy - the next threads theme will be comfy rural life anyway.

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