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gorillaz wallpapers

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Let us summon the new album by uploading gorillaz wallpapers
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Home Interiors Wallpapers

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Planning on buying a home soon.
Let me see what interiors you guys like!

Architecture Designs are okay too (residential)

Pic related

Thanks in advance!
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just give me like different versions of the great wave

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ill post some more for examples
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Moon Landing Thread

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NASA just blew their load of damn near 10,000 picture of the Apollo program. Lets make some papes!
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Ive been looking for a good war/military wallpaper. Something emotionally deep or Inspirational. Post your best.
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Hitchhiker's Guide thread
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Gif Wallpapers

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Hi /wg/ I need some help. im some what new but anyways i would like some help for a new background, perferbly a gif that is very gloomy like, maybe a rainy street or a lantern in the snow. here is some incentive. *NEED 1920X1080 THANKS* (ps i love spirited away)
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/dtg/ - desktop general #2

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post desktop, riced or stock. ask for suggestions, help or discuss.

rating rules: reply to OP if you want to receive rating (out of 10). otherwise, DO NOT reply.

previous thread: >>6870705
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Show me what you think is pretty.
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