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How are you holding up? Are you ok? Let's talk + papes.
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Battlestation Thread

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Where you self quarantined yourself
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I'd usually put this on /w/ but since it crosses genres and because /w/ is an atrociously slow/dead board, I hope you'll make an exception in your hearts for these cute lil things.
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/html-css/ HTML-CSS General #21

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A thread half a year edition.

>What are startpages?
Startpages (in the context of this thread) are locally hosted webpages (as in, the files are on your computer - not a server somewhere) that serve as the homepage or new tab page for a browser. They generally contain some number of links to frequently visited sites as the main element; search bars, clocks, calendars and other embedded items are usually added as secondary elements.

>What browser are you using?
If you can't tell what browser it is, it's probably Firefox, you can theme Firefox using Stylish and finding themes on the Firefox tag of Userstyles.
Otherwise if you won't upgrade there's always Chrome, you can ~slightly~ customize it using Chrome Theme Maker. Lately, we noticed Vivaldi can can have custom css too.


---Discord link---

---Relevant Sites---
Collection of startpages for modification and use.

--HTML, CSS & JS--

---Colours Related Links---

---Colours Converter---


---Typography Related Links---

---Old Thread---
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post some shits you've take with your phone
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Ancient Rome thread

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S&M / BDSM / Bondage / Kinky Wallpapers

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sticks and stones may brake my bones but whips and chains excite me
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