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drop any fallout related wallpapers you have anons, they can be from any game but some new vegas ones would be hella appreciated lmao.
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/vgg/ - Video Games General #35

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Welcome to /wg/'s videogames general thread, /vgg/ for short.
Post any wallpapers here for whatever you're currently playing. Or whatever you want to share, or request.

Previous Threads:

Want something that was posted before? Threads dropped off 4chan can be found in the archive:
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Women in Videogames #3

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Last thread:


Same concept as the last one, this thread dedicated to Women and Girls in videogames and related media.

The basics:
1) Has a female prominently pictured
2) Is videogame related

Fanart, redesigns, gender swapping and crossovers are of course most welcome.

Have fun people <3
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Hey /wg/
my gf is really into foxes and stuff and looks for a new wallpaper somebody of you got some nice ones of those?
thx in advance, stay safe
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What's on your mind ?
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Preferably with a fantasy backdrop.
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Fall Edition

Time for probably my favorite /comfy/ theme. Fall/autumn. Feel free to post yours. Just please no paintings or animated images. Real photographs only.
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Post your current wallpaper and guess other anons ages
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8kun formally 8ch is the new place. 4chan has been subverted since CNN blackmail in 2017. Anyway wallpapers...
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