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Film Grain/Comfy

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this board seems a little slow these days, let's revive it a bit with a classic film grain/comfy thread
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Dream Room/House

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Post papes of your dream house/room.
Papes of neighborhoods or streets with houses also welcome
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Wallpapers you have that you think very few others have.
I had this one made in an IMT years ago.
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ITT: Current Wallpaper

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Go on, post your current wallpaper.
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Post your fav death stranding.

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I put a loaded gun in my mouth today and I felt nothing. I was pretty confident I wouldn't pull the trigger but still. I'm tired

Post papes that make you feel like life is worth living. I realize thats a lot to ask from a desktop background
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>no album art thread
i'll just dump all mine
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Aesthetic B/NSFW

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can we just get some nude stuff going on? not necessarily porn
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This kinda feeling

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ITT: post papes that have this kind of melancholic mood with positive outlook for the future. A joyful, yet peaceful calm if you will. Something that makes you feel a very small part of the world and that's something beautiful.
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