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papes that make you feel

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happy/sad/comfy, doesn't matter

just something deeper than a computer screen decoration
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Italian 16:9 dump

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All of what I am about to post is 16:9 (or should be).
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Black // Dark themed wallpapers

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ill start.
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Wallpapers like the Apple Mount Fuji

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I'm looking for wallpapers that have colors similar to the Mt. Fuji wallpaper Apple has.

I'm especially keen on getting galaxy/nebulae wallpapers with similar colours. I really like that color scheme as it goes well with my computer.
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Dinosaurs and such
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Make friends thread
The rules are

1) Post five of your papes, replying to yourself
2) If you reply to someone that is not you, do not post a pic with your reply
3) We are posting papes in an effort to tell something about ourselves. We will be judged and judge others by our papes, ratings welcome but not the focus.
4) If you think you like the sort of groove someone's putting out, give them your discord/skype/whatever contact info you are comfortable with. Or you can just include it in your pape posting
5) Make friends
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Any Star wars wallpaper?
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Classical art

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Didn't see one, so I'll post a few before bed.
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Creepy shit

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Military aircrafts Wallpapers..
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