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Photos you took

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I just edited a bunch, here they are, Post your's too
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Save One (1)
Post One (1)

Last One >>7508300
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brown and black girls

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clothed or not, either fine. anyone not white or asian.
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anime wallpaper girl with stockings in this pose.

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preferably white stockings but i dont have any amazing ones

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Wallpapers you have that you think very few others have.
I had this one made in an IMT years ago.
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Car thread

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Haven't seen one of these in awhile. Desktop preferred but mobile welcomed too.
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Red and Black

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post your best red/black wallpaper
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Favourite frame from a movie?
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Stormy Weather Papes. I have pretty much none except for these two. The feelings that storms bring make me feel very relaxed and safe ironically.
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witch papes

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