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Comfy/Aesthetic Dump

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I've accumulated many comfy wallpapers throughout my time on 4chan, and I thought I'd share the comfiness with you all. Sorry if you see any commonly posted papes. This is what I got. Feel free to contribute. Enjoy
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League of Legends

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Post your favourite lol papes
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High Res Wallpapers

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Does anyone have a higher resolution version of this wallpaper?
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Gondola thread

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posting what i got, not much though
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Socialist walls thread go

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Random /co/ related wallpaper dump.

Almost all of these are OC that I made recently.
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Christian Faith Phone Wallpapers

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New wallpapers

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Hey, I'd like to get some new wallpapers. The ones that I have are pretty dated.
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Laptops with stickers

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for some reason I love the look of laptops that are covered with stickers...
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