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houses/apartments filled with indoor plants, indoor jungles, etc.
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Space Thread 2

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last one >>7393929
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comfy wallpapers

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Coziest wallpapers you have preferably inside
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Girls under neon lights thread
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color swatches for mobile. post all mobile minimalism
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4chan post backgrounds, ironic and serious
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current wallpaper

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This wallpaper has been on my laptop for prob two years now. hope you like! time to change
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Asatru/Pagan Wallpaper

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I would chare more, but I only have this one. If I had many wallpapers, I wouldn't ask for more
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We post our favorite wallpapers. As a bonus you can share cool music as well.
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Papes like this

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(also, anyway to get this stretched to 1920x1050 with out it looking like shiiiiiit)