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Dragon Thread

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Gimme ALL your dragon papes
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Cars from 1990-2005

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It's drawn at 2005 because I like early 2005 carsss
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Let's not delude ourselves with "artistic" nudes, I just want the coom papes
I don't mind if it's 2D or 3D, as long as it looks like a woman & has a dick then post it here
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Screenshots from video games

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Screenshots from video games
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Mustang thread

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Preferably classic (60s-70s) mustangs


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Anything bleak and desolate. "Post-Apocalyptic". Scavenging to find 3 in my library.
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Comfy Solarpunk

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mixing nature and Hi-tech aesthetics together in a comfy way
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Neoclassical and romantic paintings about Greece

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Special "Autumn in New York" Edition

In this thread I'll be posting my own pictures I've taken this fall that fit the /comfy/ vibe in and around New York City.

Feel free to post any NYC photos you like, especially NYC in the fall. If you know the city and you'd like to guess where the photos were taken feel free to do that as well.

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Wallpapers that you made.

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And that you love it.
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