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I'm having really bad time. Post most depressive wallpapers you have
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/pol/-general VIII -3

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>the previous thread 404'd again

>'Flink wie Windhunde, zäh wie Leder, hart wie Kruppstahl' -edition

let's have one thread for /pol/ related stuff including
>third way/third position
>natsoc waifus
>other right wing ideologies are welcome

it's bad optics to spam this board with our sub categories.

THE ARCHIVES: >>>/t/847309

Fashwave Archive:

old thread:
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Wallpapers you made

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Trippy/Hippie Shit

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Any trippy, LSD, DMT, Mushroom, shit like that.
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Custom Phone wallpapers

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Let me see what you guys got alll OC
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Beautiful Tropical Beaches

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Post what you got
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Any good Doom papes?
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ITT: aesthetic greentext wallpapers

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/vgg/ - Video Games General #30

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Welcome to /wg/'s videogames general thread, /vgg/ for short.
Post any wallpapers here for whatever you're currently playing. Or whatever you want to share, or request.

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