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Papes like this

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give me paintings

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i would like you to show me some epic landscapes and paintings of nature in the style of Albert Bierstadt (pic related) and Ivan Shishkin for instance.
High definition is preferable.
Please specify the artist.
I will post a couple more.
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Pictures of girls that make you feel melancholic/nostalgic

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Wallpapers you have a soft spot for.

Wallpapers that make you smile like a retard for lengthy periods.

Wallpapers that send you straight to your happy place.

Come on! Don't be shy, you are ananonymous here so no one will judge you for being an autist or such.
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Papes of streets/cities you want to be there

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I want to have this feel that is like nostalgia even if I never been to those places.
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Blade Runner Wallpapers

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Somewhat excited for Blade Runner 2049, but the original will always be the best. Post your best Blade Runner wallpapers, or Noir/Cyperpunk related wallpapers (very similar to Blade Runner)
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Can we get a mech thread going? I ahve way to few papes of them, concidering how much I like to nerd out about them
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Photos you took on your phone that look nice

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>Pic related
>By me
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Dystopian/Cyberpunk Papes

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I was hoping you guys could provide me with some more of these types or papes.
(I'm not exactly sure if the one I posted counts as either of these genres so please don't flame me.)
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