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Post a pic and a song

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Post a pape and whatever is bothering you

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How are you holding up anon? How have you been lately? Share your troubles and successes, or whatever you wanna say, just let it out.

And also reply to one another, no man gets left behind.
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A Pape, a Song.

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Thanos is right

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Thanos has the right idea?
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Pictures you took

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I'll start with landscapes from France. Taken by my father (and some by me) between the 80s and the early 2000s.
I uploaded some of them a few months ago so here's the rest of it
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Today's my 18th wallpaper, post your 18th birthday.

Also war and anger thread.
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Post your best black/gold

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Looking for some nice black/gold papes.

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Wallpapers with Red and Black

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Post wallpapers that use primarily red and black for my cat's birthday :0
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Any good 3440x1440 ?

I dont care about topic, just this resolution.
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