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National Socialist wallpapers

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Post your best National Socialist wallpapers.
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Ginger Girls

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Need more plz
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yo /wg/ it's my 22nd birthday and I'm feeling old and shitty. My laptop broke recently and I lost all my papes so if you could post the 22nd pape in your folder that'd be sick
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Black/red/white wallpapers

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More like this?
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NieR Automata papes

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Post your nier automata wallpapers
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Im dumb she's a lesbian

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I accidentally fell in love with a lesbian and i've felt like shit for ages now. I don't know how to change that

Just a general post where im gonna dumb and feel shitty
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Sad Wallpapers

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Post your sad/depressing/thought provoking wallpapers, preferably with people in them.

I was bamboozled comrades. After years of feeling crippling emptiness I finally found someone I loved. And pumped loads of money into. I actually planned out my entire life with her. But she moved on months ago and I didn't even know until last night. I feel worthless. I'm tired of trying. I am incapable of finding someone who will make me happy, especially in a town of about 60k
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Post your favorite wallpaper(s) of girls wearing socks.
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Phone Walls - Save One, Post One

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Got my XA1 ultra the other day, thought I'd lost the walls I've accumulated. Save one, post one? Show me what you've got!
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