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Gloomy papes that you love

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Phone or desktop, both are welcome
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pixel backgrounds?

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pic related (also a big thank you to the anon who posted this in a thread!)
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Ordinary beautiful aesthetic.

4k preferable, higher res the better.

Mundane yet wonderfully detailed real world. Photos either you took or look like they were taken, without much done to them.
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There's a new VTM game out this week, so I figured it'd be as good a time as any for this thread: Post "dark urban", "urban supernatural", "contemporary fantasy", or other similar concepts, and of course anything related to the World of Darkness itself.

I'll start us off with a few brand new ones.
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Venice et simila

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I moved here not long ago, let's have some comfy venice papes or anything that kind of fits in.

Might see if I can get some oc.
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The one pape you can't live w/o

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>be me
>wake up at 2am
>stumble over to pc
>you reboot and preform windows recovery
>check drives and notice wallpaper folder is corrupted
>looking through folders to see if anything was saved
> the bittersweet sigh of relief as I realize there was one left
>"the only one I can't do without"

Post the pape that you see /wg
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Japan Thread

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Anything and everything Japan related
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Retro consoles and handhelds!

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Do you have some walps of retro consoles and handhelds? Nin DS, PSP, PS2, Gameboys? I'll post all my papes
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Childhood Nostalgia Papes

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Just turned 25 and it hurts more than anything because I know that 24 was the last age it's acceptable to like vidya and weeb shit. Post stuff you grew up with.
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Alphabet Photos

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Another round of alphabet photos?
I'll start, A is for Astronomy
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