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Simple Humor

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Looking for papes with a simple design but a touch of humor to them.
They're not the greatest masterpieces, but they always manage to make me chuckle.
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NatSoc/Fascism Wallpapers

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Anything Nationalist or Right-wing also welcome.
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Defiant Human

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Wallpapers with a person against something obviously more powerful than them, yet still remaining defiant.
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Girls with closed eyes

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Girls with closed eyes
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Give me your spookiest, creepiest, scariest, most terrifying wallpapers.
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against the oppression of the kekistani people by normies, feminism, antifa, social justice warriors, religious nuts and
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Wallpapers that would fit the color scheme of my current Windows theme
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Fallout thread!

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Anything related to Fallout and its lore.
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Game of Thrones wallpapers my dudes
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