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Minimalist girl thread

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More like the following.

[Also looking for another folder of these I had]
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Fighting depression

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Can't do anything but stare at pictures right now so I'm just ganna post pictures that make me feel strongly. If you have papes to add please do.
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1920 x 1080 gif wallpaper

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Just looking for some sfw gif wallpapers
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Hey Everyone

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Ive been coming to this board for a while now and i love it here. Might sound weird but when im down i come here put on some music and sift through the threads. So many papes saved and posted. I feel that now i should post some of my OC images from my last few years as a photographer. I hope that some of you will enjoy and maybe use some of these as your own wallpaper. Feel free to critique and give feedback. So come chill, and if there are other photographers out there feel free to post some of your own work.
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Comfy yet Feely

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My girl dumped me yesterday and I'm tryna feel better hoping shes coming back. Can we get a thread of papes that make you feel comfy yet kinda sad/nostalgic?
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Let´s get some Kaiju wallpapers

Let´s try the Godzilla movie posters in order for fun
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Very Dark Papes

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Looking for very dark wallpapers, especially like this one
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Imagination Thread

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Show me those papes that make your imagination go wild... Papes that make you want to know about everything going on in that image.
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Post fashwave
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