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Factories, power plants, oil rigs, heavy machinery, construction sites... hit me!
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Caffeinated Papes

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Post papes featuring tea and/or coffee
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Ctrl F No Fallout. Need to remedy

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Fantasy Towns

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Please share nice wallpapers of fantasy Citys or Towns. Comfy papes prefered. Thanks.
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Can we have a sfw pornstar thread?

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I love seeing the pornstar in cute state or just posing as normal models. We share our best wallpapers and maybe you will discover your new waifu today.
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Phone papes
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this is my single favourite image I've downloaded off /wg/. any more like this? sorry I'm not starting the thread off properly, have just this one
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its my 20th birthday /wg/

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i'm spending another cozy day at home on my 20th birthday

please share your 20th wallpapers <3
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Distracting/Engaging Papes

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Hey guys. I was browsing for something to distract myself. My dog died about an hour ago and I need something else to think about. It doesn't have to be upbeat, just something engaging or thought provoking. I know it's vague but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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Interesting/Controversial Flags

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