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Wallpapers with a dark vibe like pic related.
I will start with amazing artwork by the god Ching Yeh
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BR&BR2049 thread

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Looking to enlarge my BR folder. Post your favourite papes or stills from movies. This is my current fav.
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flower thread

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pics of flowers

pics of flowers with dark backgrounds that make them pop out are the best
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Gimme your best vaporwave /wg/!
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Sexy Backgrounds

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Could you guys post some sexy and/or NSFW video game themed desktop wallpapers for me?

Nostalgic vibes

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Just got broken up with, I'm shattered. I can't stop crying.

Post papes that make you think of them. Papes that remind you of the good times.

comic book wallpapers

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In tribute to Stan Lee, let's get a comic book wallpaper thread going, could be marvel, dc, whatever, as long as it's comic related.
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Cluttered Spaces

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Cluttered areas and spaces, preferably drawn. Happy theme a plus.
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wallpapers like this
I only have a few
please help
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Foggy urban papes

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Moody, preferably dim / dusk / night :)
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