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Marvel Thread

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Preferably x-men
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Third Reich

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Can we get a Nazi thread? I'll post some of my wallpapers of the third Reich.
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Post em gaming wallpapers!
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Wallpapers [WTF edition]

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Post what ever wallpaper that makes a person go WTF!?! GLHF anons
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I need wallpapers that scream "WTF?"
When im in starbucks with my laptop, and someone looks at my screen I need them to take one look at it and pray that their eyes never glance upon me or my screen again.
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Traditional tattoos

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Wallpapers with traditional style tattoos? Plus points if navy-themed
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film, crossover, everything
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Papes of streets/cities you want to be there

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I want to have this feel that is like nostalgia even if I never been to those places.
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Movie Wallpapers

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>watch a movie
>afterwards, look up "[movie name] wallpapers"
>pick a few and add them to my kinography folder for daily rotation
Anyone else do this? Post your favorite movie-related wallpapers of any genre.
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