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Childhood Nostalgia Papes

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Just turned 25 and it hurts more than anything because I know that 24 was the last age it's acceptable to like vidya and weeb shit. Post stuff you grew up with.
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Alphabet Photos

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Another round of alphabet photos?
I'll start, A is for Astronomy
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OC Thread / Vacation Pic Dump

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Cyberpunk non-depressing

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Non-depressing cyberpunk? Hi-tech buildings, cool cities, and all that. Please no depressing chinatowns or rooms full of wires.
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Music papes

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Anything with music, bands, etc
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Philosophical wallpapers bonus points for stoicism
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Bloodborne / Dark Souls / Sekiro Thread

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Can we get a Joker thread going? Phone papes preferred.
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Shit like this
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Reply with a Screenshot of your Desktop

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Need this for a project, desktop with files pls, bonus if you have a really messy one or a weird wallpaper <3