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/pol/ Phone wallpapers.

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Sadness, melancholia, depression, loneliness...

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Papes that give you those kind of feelings, I need more for my collection. (they can be real pictures or animated)

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pure evil wallpapers

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/jpg/- Japanese Papes General

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/comfy/ edition

Shit for newfucks:
>This is a thread dedicated to landscapes, cities and items related to japan.
>/wg/ is not /wsr/ so please post a topic related image along with the question.
>No bitching, blogging or b8.
>If you see something off topic just report it instead of giving shitposters attention.
>Please do not spam the thread with Initial D LARP. One or two images are fine but I promise you no one looking for Japanese wallpapers wants to see 100 pictures of your clapped out silvia. /o/ related shit & Japanese cars should be in their own respective threads.
>Imperial Japan or WWII shit?
>Wan't /a/nime shit? Don't post it here.
>The following crossboard links will take you to two respective boards that cover anime images.
Anime/Wallpapers: >>>/w/
Anime/Cute: >>>/c/
>"lololololz /jpg/, how2lern /jp/neez?"

>Reverse Image Search:
>image manipulation:

Quality Twitter source material:
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City girls and dark colors

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Back at it
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Can we get a Ghibli thread going?
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AMOLED phone papes? AMOLED phone papes

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Aperture/ Portal Thread

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One of the best games.
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Can we have a Frank Frazetta Thread?

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stoic wallpapers

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wallpapers related to stoicism
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