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Cozy/comfy Spaceship interior or bedroom

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Post 'em
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Can we get a Minimalist Wallpaper thread.

Two preferences I'd like to include:
*No capeshit/ low brow pop culture references
*No things like being just lame quotes over a black background.

Basically post anything of any vibe or aesthetic as long as its trying to use as little color or shapes as possible.
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Pin up Gals !!

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post some!! :))
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/co/ papes

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HELLO True Believers, comic book pages and papes.
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Amoled thread

making some custom ones right now and would like to see what people have.
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Blank VHS Box Art

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Made these over the course of too long. 1080P up to 8K can be found in the link.!o6Q0iIxB!pSaLSbc47PFV_rpiQJkf6A
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Warhammer 40k

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maybe a few with grandpapy Nurgle?
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Home screen/desktop thread

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Haven't seen one of these in a while, post your home screen/desktop screenshot here and other Anons guess your age and personality
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