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/comfy/ Fall Edition

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Time for another round of /comfy/, this time anything with a Fall feeling.

Doesn't even have to be overtly "autumn" themed or anything. Just post anything dark, dreary, and cool that gives you that fall feeling.
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Kpop Thread

Let's keep the posts quality high.

1080p+, but always 16:9 aspect ratio.

If it doesn't meet these requirements, don't post it.

No upsized bullshit.
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its my 76th birthday
post your 76th wallpaper, faggots
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Post /g/ wallpapers
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First Snowfall for me. Comfy Winter pages in here.

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Let's get another trippy thread going
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We got our first snowfall here in Michigan, how about a winter-themed wallpaper thread?
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Nintendo + Video Game

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What's up /wg/?
This month is my birthday month and I guess Nintendo does some promotional stuff for people's birthdays. Here's the papes they let me download.
I've been lurking /wg/ for years so I thought it would be good to give back a little.

1/4 Computer Version
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