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Y2K kinda aesthetic

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cleaner backgrounds pref

Attractive Women Papes

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Preferably real, I know this is a common thread but I couldn't find one in the catalog. New PC and /wg/ is the best of the best.
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single color aesthetic papes

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single color focus. as minimal or complex as you got as long as it has a main color focus.
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Asian fantasy

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Fantasy papes with asian taste
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Late 60's & 1970's Rooms

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Looking for comfy retro room papes, particularly from the late sixties into the seventies. Think of The Brady Bunch aesthetic, conversation pits, wood paneling, floral sofas etc.
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Horror Papes

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no horror thread? yikes...
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Floral/nature like this
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Wizards. Post em
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Aesthetic feet

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Art/photography where a woman's bare feet are clearly visible with some detail
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The Duelist art

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Art from "The Duelist" videogame
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