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two of the top posts are leftists threads? lets add some NacSoc to the mix. (historical only)
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(SFW) Comfy & Girls

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More like this!
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aesthetic Leftism thread
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Can I get some cat papes? Preferably 1920*1080, or some higher resolution that will still work on my monitor. I only have a few.

This is my current one.
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Looking for your comfiest papes for the comfiest season.
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No comment
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3840 x 2160. No upscales, please.
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Cyberpunk Thread

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Bisexual Lightning Not Allowed
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A dump of some pretty good water wallpapers.
Gonna dump on an alt chan because 4chan doesn't allow several files and requires captcha
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psychedelic/mushrooms/trippy shit

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mushrooms are cool. let's show some love
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