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Show me your best 2k wallpapers with nature/space OR witcher 3. I'm looking for something epic
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Overwatch wallpapers!
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Right-wing wallpapers

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Can we get a Right/Capitalist wallpapers?
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Sith/Imperial Thread

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Peace is a lie...
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Wallpaper Engine

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Not entirely sure if this goes here, but im not sure it goes anywhere else.
Wallpaper Engine is an app that gives you an animated wallpaper, some that are interactable, some with music
you can make your own too, there is a built in software to make wallpapers, or you can just convert gifs and webms into papes.
And the best part is, it uses basically no resources to run.
buy it here:
or get it cracked from the piratebay or basically anywhere else
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/m/echa Wallpapers

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Let's have a mecha wallpapers thread. phone wallpapers are welcome too.
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Post your cyberpunk papes. Be it stills from Ghost in The Shell, Akira, Blade Runner or any other moobers or pictures of real life cyberpunk.
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Energy Humanoid Wallpapers

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Preferably blue, but any would do.
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History wallpapers
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40K general

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For the Emperor and stuff
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