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Laptops with stickers

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for some reason I love the look of laptops that are covered with stickers...
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More like this please
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more papes like this, that fills the whole screen with the same pattern, same/similar colour and with no details standing out, post any that fits this 'category'
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Scythian, Uralic, Steppe people culture

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Do anyone have something similar to this kinda art?
I would call it steppe people culture: Scythians, Horse people, Hun, Hungarian (Magyars), Saka, Sarmata, Avar, Gepida, Mongol, Tartar
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LOTR / Hobbit / Silmarillion WPs

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Anything tolkien related post here. Preferably 1920x1080 but anything else is fine too.
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Alaskan landscape wallpapers
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cool Vietnam wallpaper
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Christian thread
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Courtyard appreciation thread

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Anyone have cool/comfy courtyard pictures? Preferably with no people on them.
Fantasy stuff is encouraged but no CGI pls.
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Cheesecake wallpapers

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Post sexy wallpapers with comic girls.
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