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Handguns Only

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Dead or Alive thread

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This is a DoA thread. You might see some nipple here and there.
Usually not, DoA's are born without nipples so they can wear the most revealing swimsuits possible.
But don't enter this thread if accidentally seeing a CG girls nipples might enrage you. Kay?
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Hey anons, what art style is this? Have been looking for ages.. Some kind of illustration but it's the colours and designs that pull me in. Any ideas?
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Maritime related wallpapers

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especially fantasy ones
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Everyone's good news/Fave pape

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Hey hey, would love to know if anyone has any good news in their life to share, small or big. Can just vent as well if you wanna get something off your chest

Also post favourite wallpaper, hope to hear from a lot of you
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Dark Souls Thread

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Post your best Dark Souls 1, 2 and 3 wallpapers. Demon's Souls included.
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Moody urban scenes

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walls that have a story to tell

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what does the red button do?
Open the door? Incinerate the room? Open an airlock?
Or was the button already pressed and it closed the door trapping him inside?
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Painted Women

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Any cool paintings/drawings of women as wp.
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Generally cool/aesthetic papes for laptop

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Long story short i recently received my new laptop for school and im in the need for a good wallpaper for it preferably SFW