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you save, you lose
last post hit image limit
lets keep it going
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comfy places with books

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this kind of wp
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National Socialist wallpapers

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Post your best National Socialist wallpapers.
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Gentlemen, I am tired of living in the north and dealing with this cold climate. My bones ache from the cold. Please post pictures that make you feel warmth.
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Tacticool/Operator wallpapers
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Left-Wing Wallpapers

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Post socialist/communist papes pls.
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I need more this this. Comfy anime girl and a beautiful backdrop. Nothing too in your face, beauty in its simplicity.
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Coooomfy thread guys i need a background for my reading time
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Sad Wallpapers

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Post your sad/depressing/thought provoking wallpapers, preferably with people in them.

I was bamboozled comrades. After years of feeling crippling emptiness I finally found someone I loved. And pumped loads of money into. I actually planned out my entire life with her. But she moved on months ago and I didn't even know until last night. I feel worthless. I'm tired of trying. I am incapable of finding someone who will make me happy, especially in a town of about 60k
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General Thread - dump whatever you want

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For the last 3 years my life is becoming a great piece of shit, and today, finally, I've lost my will to live. I don't have a gf, I'm a virgin, I'm a total faliure in school, at best of chances I have only 3 friends (who doesn't care much about my friendship at all), I'm not good at doing nothing and I'm currentely unemployed.
If any of you have any advices of how keep going with life or any reasons to not give up, I would accept them
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