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Pagan Wallpapers

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Looking for some norse pagan wallpapers
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any theme, style whatever, just girls that are drawn.
Preferably not anime but it's aight if that's what you wanna post, just don't flood the thread with anime pls.
Phone or Computer papes are both welcome.
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Post papes that aren't boring, either lots of details or funny or even something that makes you think.
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Japaniese-inspired drawings

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In that style, i love it
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I love Blade Runner and cyberpunk but can never find some good papes lets get a cyberpunk thread going
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Post some good and melaconic wallpapers with industrial zones
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animals, everything goes
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hey guys
not doing so hot - lemme explain
I've overcome really severe mental health problems over the past year and when things were starting to look good I even got accepted to pharmacy school
I learned today my decision was reviewed and I won't be able to attend
feelin incredibly shitty rn and I'm gonna be crying for the rest of the night and I'm also scared for my mental health
post an image in this thread, disregard this thread, tell me what u guys are up to so I can take my mind off this shit - do whatever you feel like doing
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More minimalist / amusing / funny / like this
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Pokemon wallpapers? just got a new pc, help me out
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