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comfy Japan related papes.
rooms, cities and landscapes are welcome
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Linux Wallpapers

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Tux is the ideal icon. Post his likeness or anything related to Linux.
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Sky wallpapers. Mobile and Desktop

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Post your best sky related wallpapers. I’ll start with mine, my Gf took these photos so if you could leave your opinion on it I would appreciate.
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Guns /k/ Thread
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stylised/graphic novel fantasy/sci-fi

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I desire your greatest, highest resolution phone papes, pl0x.
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What is/isn't going on for you? 2

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Wanted a sequel from the last one 'cause i loved it so much.
Just a place to vent.
Also post your papes.
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Left wing wallpaper thread

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Sad papes

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Post papes that make u feel morose
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Can we have a Solarpunk themed wallpaper thread?

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