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Hello Anons.
I'm 25 today, can you send me a wallpapers to new avatar?
You can send everything. Movies, games, books
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How's it going /wg/, I'm turning 27 in a few days. Honestly didn't think id make it this far. Hope i won't have to join the club 27 if you know what I mean! Post 27th wallpaper from your 3rd folder. Peace!
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Looking for wallpapers like pic related. Also, gun papes thread.

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Looking for a real version of pic related, of armory/gun rack wallpapers.
Bonus points if for any in 21:9 3440x1440 cuz I have an ultrawide monitor.
>inb4 go back to /k/
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Intelligent Evil Dust

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spy/intelligence related
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Nature wallpapers - "the Other Guy" edition

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Here we go...
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Movie Mobile

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Movie Mobile wallpaper thread.
Extra points for females.
(but can be anything you like)
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Currently listing to starman let's get some space wallpapers
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Stuff like Where's Waldo. High res and with a lot of details.
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Art papes
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vaporwave thread

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yeah, i'm one of those.
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