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Star Citizen screenshots

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Started using screenshots from the Star Citizen Alpha as wallpapers. Love the look of this game and the feel of the ships.
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/dtg/ #30 - desktop thread general

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The mods don't care edition
previous thread: >>6906610

post desktop and discuss. please bring your A game because SCHOOL is in session and YOU WILL BE GRADED out of 10.

we back and we strong
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Low eye strain papes

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Oddly specific but I'm looking for papes that are either dark or red/orange themed, since those are low energy warm colors.
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Wallpapes like these

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I have a few, need some more though.
I don't know what you'd classify them as but it makes me feel chill af. Blue is a big theme of mine so that'll be a +1

>Running this as my current PC pape
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looking for wallpapper

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im a massive bleach fan and am looking for a wallpaper of ichigo in his full hollow form any help?
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Monk wallpapers

Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, doesn't matter

This is my only one, but I want more
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Suicide Girls

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Post beautiful Suicide girls,
I'm specifically looking for Face Photographs.
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Graffiti with a Meaning

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let's have a good dual monitor thread, haven't seen one in a while.
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