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Last day in this office where printing is free.

Give me your most beautiful, most high resolution images you have for me to rasturize and print.

Prefer classical and gothic art.
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Your most precious wallpaper here

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Is my first post so be nice with me
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/tv/ related phone backgrounds

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/tv/ related phone backgrounds/locksscreens
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Post any OLED papes.
Must have a suitable amount of #000000 pixels.

Previous Thread >>7136499
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Share your best NBA papes, bonus points for legendary moments/teams/duos.
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Feels Thread

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Pic is OC.

I want to fucking die already.
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comfy morning papes

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Hey fellas, /lit/ here. I'm writing a book right now about a young girl going through the madness of the modern world. She seeks to separate herself from the insanity of it all and basically it's just 200 pages of her hanging out with friends and finding peace in the unusual beauty of an ugly city.

This picture is my exact aesthetic that I try to conjure with my descriptions. So give me whatever wallpapers you have that depict morning light or sunrises, qt's are not required. Extra points if you've got some in an urban setting.

I'll post the few that I do have.
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Low and slow #2

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So, my inactivity resulted in the thread going to the archive. But I liked it enough to start another one.
Old thread
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