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Fishnet papes!

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Post the best fishnet papes
bonus for drawings or digital art
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Feminine Neons?

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Idk what it's called but whatever, post shit with the same aesthetic
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18th wallpaper

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Just hit the big 18, Post your 18th wallpaper.
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25th image in your /wg/ folder. Lets get a dump going.
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Anyone have any Corona-chan papes?
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Wallpapers that dont stand out

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what i'm looking foris wallpapers that look nice but dont't have too much going on in them because I work on my desktop alot
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/comfy/ Cities Edition

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Time for another edition of /comfy/. So I thought I'd revisit a theme I've done before: comfy cities. Feel free to post anything that you feel captures the comfy, lonely, anonymity of city life.

All I ask is NO ANIME or illustrations. Only real photographs please!
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Minecraft Wallpapers

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I was nostalgic of the game and i didn't feel like playing it, so i made a few trees and rendered them in blender to make a few simple papes afterwards.
Share your nostalgia inducing papes anon.

Subtle Vaporwave

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papes with subtle vaporwave vibe.
No cyberpunk
No synthwave
No fasc-wave
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Post your Facebook Cover Photo

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Post your Facebook cover photo, anons.

Also, be safe out there.
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