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Feminist Wallpapers

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Come on girls, join in the revolution.
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Anything, as long as you really like it

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Just post any wallpaper, no preferences, it doesn't matter. As long as its a wallpaper you really like, you can also share the reason why you like it too.
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It's almost 3 years since i posted in this board last time. Today i found out that my ex girlfriend (we've been together 5 years) found another dude. I'm fucking destroyed. I left her less than a year ago believing i could forget about it in a month, I left her because i needed to find myself or some fucking bullshit like that. Now I'm completely alone no friends and no life. and I know things changed here on the channel, but at the end this is all i got right now, so post sad grainy vibes pics
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Small Birds

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Moody urban scenes

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Fantastical Creatures

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any genre, just have some sort of cool lookin' creature/beast in it
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Viking/Norse Mythology type stuff

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I just changed my major to physics.
Give me your best space papes.
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The west is the best, post fucking patriotic, muh guns, muh freedoms, etc.
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