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bonus points for anything group b
2d/artwork also welcome
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Board Game Wallpapers

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Bonus Points for Chess
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Dear /wg/ I built myself a new desk and bought another monitor. Main monitor is a 32 curved and the second monitor is 24in none curved. I am looking for wallpapers that will complement each other on this set up. your friend anon!
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Tiger thread

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tigers only zone
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Can I get wallpapers with black based backgrounds like this pls

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looking for more like this, especially the color scheme
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Trippy, Alien, Sci-Fi Thread

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Can we get a sci-fi thread but with images similar to pic related? I really like this style of Sci-Fi art.
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Motivational Papes

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1980s-00s cities
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High res/DPI papes to print

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I'm looking for high quality papes that I can print out and hang on my wall for decoration as posters.

Anything goes, as long as it has a high resolution and will look cool as a poster
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