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Christian Churches Thread

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Post comfy Churches, Bonus points for papes with a Winter or Autumn feel.
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I fucking LOVE SAND post sand and deserts and beaches and shit
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/tv/ frames

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Post frames from movies and tv shows that you really like
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Film Grain/Comfy

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this board seems a little slow these days, let's revive it a bit with a classic film grain/comfy thread
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I just lost my one year wallpaper collection :(
Send your best phone papes (minimalist, calming landscape)
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Pixel wallpapers

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Just got my first PC. Need some cool wallpapers
Bonus points for Halo related.

Pic related
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Rainy Papes Thread
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Satanic/Biblical papes? Bonus points for mobile papes
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Papes with girls

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Finally moved out of my overly Christian parents house. Post you best wallpapers with women (nude or non-nude) so I can feel the freedom of having a woman on my PC wallpaper.
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