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Today is my 25th birthday. I feel it, man. Show me your 25th pape.
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>What is an OLED suited image?
Its an image with a majority of #000000 fully black pixels.
>Why would I want that?
If your phone has an OLED panel, those black pixels can turn off so you don't use any battery life on those pixels, and it looks like ink!
>Why are you explaining this?
Becuase some of you fuckwits didn't post OLED papes the last time I made this thread, you posted random shit.
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a e s t h e t i c

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>ctrl f
>no aesthetic thread
dumping what I have, please contribute more, all welcome
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Naked girl/guy for a painting

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lHi everyone. I lurk alot here and i need your help.i need a pic of a girl/guy dancing.to be more specifically i love a pic of a sad dance or dance from drunk and depression.. I need it to a reference for my painting.
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pink wallpapers

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need some pink wallpapers
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Last minute birthday post

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I'm 37 today. I never thought I'd still be on this site 12 years later. Post your 37th pape and I'm gonna drop some of my favs.
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Show us what you got anon
Also no cleanup allowed
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Today is my 24th birthday

post your 24th pape pls
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23rd birthday today

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except i'd like to request comfy papes, or papes that make you very happy or if you want your 23rd wallpaper. i removed all traces of my birthday on my social media and i'm only sharing it with you guys because i love you guys.

gonna post my fav papes and comfy papes
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