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OC Images you took that could be wallpapers.

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Good or bad, post em. I'll start with a few.
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monthly b&w bread

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monthly b&w bread go

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Heavy Metal Papes

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Heavy metal album covers, promotional shots, concert shots, etc.
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Halo Papes

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Master Chief, what are you doing in this thread?
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Minimalist Gaming Wallpaper

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Thread dedicated to minimalist papes about videogames.
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Space Papes

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Alright boys and girls, you know what I came here for... dem space papes. bonus points for planets and the same vibe as mine attached.

Stay humble
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Tier 1 Cities Wallpapers

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Vienna - culture and good taste.
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The Best Tropical Beaches

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The Best Tropical Beaches
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Calvin & Hobbes

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I don't expect there to be a lot, but if any of you anons could drop some HD Calvin and Hobbes wallpapers, that would be pretty dope.
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