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I don't know how to stop think about suicide.

Pls, post any happy/calm papes.
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Home city

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Post your home town/city, preferably at night,
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Papers like this.
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God tier mobile papes

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My phone deleted all my wallpapers. Post your best shit.
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Warhammer 40K/AOS

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Finally found a good Dark Eldar/Drukhari paper for my laptop
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Post all the gondola wallpapers you have, they are relaxing and have a special gravity to them like no other.

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OLED phone papes

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Mobile papers that are best on AMOLED types screens. Majority of the pixels are completely black #000000
I've tweaked some of these pics so it's more true black.
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Artisit Female Nudes

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Can Someone Please Post Some Artistic Female Nudes
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WW2 wallpapers

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post any ww2 related images
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