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Moody urban scenes

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Magic the Gathering

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Hey everyone, wanted to start a MTG art thread. Post your favorite MTG wallpapers! I'll start with what I have in my folder.
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I've been taken, recently, by goddess Sophia's beauty and believe she will save us, somehow. Can we have a Gaia /goddess/ gnostic /giant women thread? Is that too specific?

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rap/hip hop papes, bonus points if it's ye/ksg related
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Hey guys. Give me your best images of hands. Pictures, paints, photos, sketches, everything goes!

Messy wires, techno grunge

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New boot and I forgot how hard this aesthetic is to find, wire spaghetti, repurposed tech, jury rigging, you get the idea.
>Sorry pic isn't quality you have no idea how hard this is to find

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AMOLED/OLED background thread. add what phone it is for too

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Random wallpapers that I made that I don't know where else to post. Most of these I just made and haven't posted before.
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