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UHD / 1440p

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Give me all you got
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Its my Birthday and my ex-girlfriend already found someone else at the same day. Post any good wallpapers /wg/
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Sexy Backgrounds

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Could you guys post some sexy and/or NSFW video game themed desktop wallpapers for me?
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Battlestation Thread. R8 mine I'll R8 yours M8.
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Spider-man General

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>CTRL+F Spider-man
Let's fix that.
Spider-man thread!
(Pic is the Spider-verse Soundtrack cover)
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Music thread

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Anything music related - specific artists, music hardware, sheet music, instruments. Anything goes
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Wallpaper material from Snapchat
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Ruler mobile/phone wallpaper

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An anon made this wallpaper for the Galaxy S8, I requested one for an S9+ but the thread died before I could provide measurements. The screen is 6.2" across and the resolution is 2260*1440, so that would make the screen 5.575" x 2.71" ... are you still here anon? If not I'll try to make one myself.

Old thread

Day/Night cycle

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Wallpapers with the same background, but different time of the day/night
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