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I just changed my major to physics.
Give me your best space papes.
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The west is the best, post fucking patriotic, muh guns, muh freedoms, etc.
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anything that's dark/black
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Western Papes

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Old/Wild West-Themed Wallpapers. Post em' here cowboys. Anything from weapons to nature-scenes. Paintings, photos, whatever!
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Just stupid

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Just plain old stupid wallpapers
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Can be real, fictional, parodies, or whatever, as long as they are flags and as long as they are formatted so that the entire paper encompasses the flag. No pictures of a flag in the distance on a pole or some dumb shit, and no clothes or items etched or painted with a flag on it.

Flags, faggots. Flaggots.
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Big fan of this color.
Inspired by: >>7486821, >>7488760, >>7489644 and >>7491894.
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Dark but also colorful.

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Windows 98 / XP Era Thread

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Post papes that would fit perfectly with PC's from this era, anything goes. Good for making retro PC's.
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Antarctic Wallpapers!

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Thread to post wallpapers related to antarctic continent, from fauna to flora including glaciers and stuff!