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Anon Celebrates His 25th Birthday.

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Hello /wg/!
Today is my birthday. So you know what that means! I'm turning 25.

To spice things up, I'd appreciate it if you'd post any wallpapers that contain the following:
>Comfy "Roomscapes" like pic related
>Moderately plus-sized girls with large busts or posteriors
>Cozy asian cityscapes
>"Soft" images that are easy on the eyes. (With dark colors and shadows.)

Or the 25th image in your general wallpaper folder will also be fine!

I will post my 10 favorite wallpapers, to start off.

I've not been visiting /wg/ for very long, but 4chan has been one of my favorite places to hang out on the web for a decade now.
Thank you for being there, Anons.