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Databending & Glitch Art

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Ok, losers, it's time to start databending.

Databending is the art of going into a file and fucking shit up intentionally so that the image looks cool.

Open pic in a hex editor, skip down a hundred lines or so (in order to not fuck the header up) and start bashing random crap in. Could be random hex values (0-9, A-F), could be a Wikipedia article; hell, toss in the Communist Manifesto if you want to.

Alternatively, don't use a hex editor, just straight up open in N++, skip down, and start adding/deleting/replacing.

Because it looks cool as hell, and it's fun to do when you're tired but can't sleep and it's 4 a.m.

If you don't like those options, a way to get similar effects (though it's not at all databending) is to use paint.net and the Pyrochild plugin pack for his jitter tool; then, you can fuck with overlays and shit.

>Will proceed to dump what I have, along with source images